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Editor-in-Chief :
Dr Antonio Brunetti
Dr Felipe T Da Silva
Dr Josef Troger
Dr Massimo Conese
Category : International Journal
Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0976-8068 (Print) E-ISSN : 0976-8076 (Online) Frequency : Quarterly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 5.79 (2012); 4.74 (2011); 4.72 (2010)       CODEN : JPR
DOI : 10.9735/0976-8068       Abbreviation : J Pathol Res
Subject : Medical Sciences     License :     Plagiarism :
Peer review is an essential component of formal scholarly communication and lies at the heart of the scientific or research methodology. We would like to thank the following reviewers who have taken part in the peer-review process.

Dr Dhiraj B Nikumbh
Dept of Pathology, ACPM Medical College, Dhule, India
Dr Ihab Saeed Abd El Hamid
Faculty od Dentistry, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Arab Rep.
Dr Sadhna Sharma
Miranda House, University of Delhi, India
Dr Shifa Seyed Ibrahim
Department of Pathology, Madurai Medical College, Madurai, India
Dr Yue Shen
Department of Developmental Genetics, Nanjing Medical University, China
Mohd Zamri Saad
Veterinary Laboratory Services Unit, Department of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia