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Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0976-9900 (Print) E-ISSN : 0976-9919 (Online) Frequency : Half Yearly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 81.82 (2016);IF :1.604(2016)       CODEN : JEES
DOI : 10.9735/0976-9900       Abbreviation : J Ecol Environ Sci
Subject : Environmental Sciences     License :     Plagiarism :
Sundarban estuary, Submergence of island, Accretion in Sundarban, Ghoramara, Sea level rise, Climate change, Satellite image-ries, Time series analysis, Jambudwip, False Colour Composites (FCC) Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences atmospheric correction failure, challenges, in-situ data, models, remote sensing, water quality nitrogen and phosphorus, catchment area, Rów Złotnicki stream, water quality hermit crab, anthropogenic pressure, mudflat, size group, Saurashtra coast, India Solid waste management, Composting, Compost Sea level rise, Sundarbans, Sunderland Tiger Reserve, Dense mangrove, Open mangrove, Erosion and accretion, Threat to Bengal tiger, Climate change. Orchidaceae, Ophrys apifera var. aurita (Moggr.) Gremli Ophrys apifera var. chlorantha (Hegetschw.) Nyman. Ophrys apifera var. purpurea (Tausch) Nyman. Synonym=Ophrys apifera Huds. var. tilaventina Nonis & Liverani and Ophrys apifera var. purpurea (Tausch) Nyman. f. alba. K. Addam & M. Bou-Hamdan., Ophrys apifera var. flavescens Rosbach, Biodiversity, flora, Lebanon, Mediterranean. Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Impacts, Eco-Design Tools, Early Integration, Product Development Correction, amendment, published papers, validating two names, fixing minor errors and additions for clearance Biofilms, Iron-oxidising bacteria, Tissue culture plate method, Environmental stress condition, MATH. Bee orchid, Ophrys omegaifera subsp. fleischmannii (Hayek) Del Prete, Ophrys algarvensis D. Tyteca, Benito & M. Walravens, Ophrys omegaifera subsp. vasconica (O. Danesch & E. Danesch) Kreutz, Ophrys omegaifera var. basilissa (C. Alibertis, A. Alibertis & H. R. Reinhard) Faurh., Ophrys polycratis P. Delforge spec. nov., Orchidaceae, Lebanon, Middle East, taxonomy. Bio-indicator, Elemental Analysis, Marine Environment, Numerical Model