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Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0976-9900 (Print) E-ISSN : 0976-9919 (Online) Frequency : Half Yearly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 81.82 (2016);IF :1.604(2016)       CODEN : JEES
DOI : 10.9735/0976-9900       Abbreviation : J Ecol Environ Sci
Subject : Environmental Sciences     License :     Plagiarism :
Aim & Scope
***The journal ceased publication and is no longer accepting submissions.***

publishes original Research Article, Editorial, Review Article, Rapid Communication, Case Report, Short Communications, Conference Proceedings, Special Issue Article, Mini Review, Annual Meeting Abstract, Letters, Observations with analysis and discussion.

Impact Factor :1.604 (2016) International Accreditation and Research Council IARC-JCRR Indexing [United State (USA)]

Index Copernicus Value (ICV): 81.82 (2016) GICID: 71.0000.1500.3215

Aim & Scope:
Air pollution
Air Pollution and Air Quality Control
Air pollution monitoring and modeling
Air pollution prevention & control
Air Quality and Contamination Control
Air quality measurement & management
Analysis of contaminants
Analytical aspects of environmental and health monitoring
Animal Ecology
Aquatic Ecosystem
Aquatic Resources
Assessment of ecosystem services
Atmospheric science
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Biological monitoring
Biological surveillance
Bioremediation and biomonitoring
Chemical pollutants & its effects
Chemical/physical transformation
Clean Energy and Sustainability
Climate and Air Pollution
Climate Change and Environmental Dynamics
Community Ecology
Conservation & environmental protection
Conservation Biology
Contaminant pathways
Contaminant source characterisation
Cultural and Social Issues
Cultural Ecology
Discharge of wastewater
Disposal of wastewater
Drinking-water purification
Drought and Water Scarcity
Ecological Design
Ecological Effectiveness
Ecological Impact of Climate Changes
Ecological Monitoring and Modeling
Ecology and Ecosystems Management
Ecosystem Assessment and Restoration
Ecosystem restoration
Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem sustainable development
Eenvironmental & occupational health
Effects of air pollution on public health
Emerging Pollutants
Endocrine disruption
Environment assessment and policy
Environment sustainable development
Environmental Analysis and Measurements
Environmental Biology
Environmental biotechnology
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental data interpretation
Environmental degradable materials
Environmental Ecology
Environmental Economics
Environmental Education
Environmental engineering
Environmental epigenetics
Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Environmental Geotechnology
Environmental Health
Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk analysis
Environmental Impacts of Nanotechnology
Environmental Informatics
Environmental Law and Policy
Environmental Management and Sustainability
Environmental modelling
Environmental policy
Environmental pollution and public health
Environmental regulation
Environmental toxicology
Environments remediation
Epidemiological and health data
Evolutionary Ecology
Food and drug safety control
Food safety
Forest Management
Global climate change and air pollution
Global climate changes
Global climate changes & human health
Global Environmental Changes
Greenhouse gas emission monitoring
Ground water pollution control
Hazardous materials management
Hazardous toxic waste management
Health and Environment
Human and ecotoxicology
Human Ecology
Hydrobiology and water pollution
Hydrology and water quality
Impact of pollutants on the environment and human health
Indoor pollution and occupational health exposure
Industrial Ecology
Interdisciplinary environmental issues
Land (Soil, Waste Solid) Pollution and Remediation
Land pollution
Land pollution and its effects on health
Land Use and Management
Landscape Ecology
Legislative issues and guidelines
Marine Ecology
Measuring of water pollution
Metal speciation
Methods of monitoring water quality
Microbial Ecology
Modeling & measuring of water pollution
Modeling of water pollution
Molecular Ecology
Monitoring water quality methods
Multi-media sampling/monitoring
Natural Treatment Systems
New wastewater treatment technologies
New water purification technologies
New Water Treatment Materials and Their Application
Nutrient Management in Water Course
Organic Pollutants
Physiological Ecology
Plant Ecology
Polluted environments remediation
Polluted soils remediation
Pollution prevention
Population Ecology
Pre-market screening results
Presence & activity of metabolites
Processes and manufacturing networks
Protection and Restoration of Coastal Zone
Protection and Restoration of Ecosystems
Purification of drinking-water supplies
Quality assurance and control
Radiation safety
Radiation safety in atomic industry
Renewable energy
Renewable Energy Sources
Resource Valuation
Resource Valuation
Risk assessment of contaminated environments
Risk Assessment of environments
Risk of human illness in polluted areas
Soil and aquatic science
Soil and water conservation
Soil Pollution
Solid Waste Management
Source apportionment of air pollutants
Source characterisation
Sources of air pollution
Sustainable Architecture and Planning
Sustainable development of environment
Sustainable Landscape Architecture
Terrestrial Ecosystem
Terrestrial Ecosystem
Toxicology and sustainability
Transport and deposition
Transport pollutants
Treatment and discharge of wastewater
Treatment of wastewater
Treatment, disposal and discharge of wastewater
Urban/indoor air pollution & control
Wastewater and Sludge Treatment
Wastewater collection and treatment
Wastewater Treatment and Management
Wastewater treatment and utilization
Wastewater treatment technologies
Water purification technologies
Water Quality
Water resource protection
Water resource sustainable use
Water resources & quality assessment
Water Resources and River Basin Management
Water Resources Contamination Control
Water Resources Management
Water Treatment
Wildlife and Habitat Management