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Dr Abd El-latif Hesham
Prof Dr Suleyman Cilek
Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0975-2862 (Print) E-ISSN : 0975-9158 (Online) Frequency : Quarterly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 79.07; NAAS: 4.46 (2018)       CODEN : IJG
DOI : 10.9735/0975-2862       Abbreviation : Genetics
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DNA-binding domain crystal structure, PSSM, SVM, MHC, epitope, peptide vaccine Abbreviations: Goldman, Engelberg and Steitz, (GES); major histocompatibility complex, (MHC); Position Specific Scoring Matrices, (PSSMs); Support Vector Machine, (SVM) Phosphoproteomics, Phosphorylation, Analytical technologies, transcriptomics Immunogenomics, Genetic regulation, MS, GC, NMR, microarray RAPD, Arthritis, Seronegative Boiassay, protein lysate microarray, Cell free technology, NMR, X-Ray cryastallography Proteomics, imaging MS, 2D-DIGE, MudPIT, SELDI, MALDI TOF, Capillary electrophoresis Biomarkers, Drug development, Drug resistance, Gene therapy, Oncogenomics Metabolomics, MALDI-TOF, Mass Spectrometry Dental caries, tet K gene, Bacteria, FAME analysis, Tetracycline, PCR, RFLP RNAi, Drosha, RISC, miRNA, ribozymes, motifs Comet assay, DNA damage, Komet 3.1, Single cell gel electrophoresis, Genetic toxicology, Environmental biomonitoring, Olive Tail Moment, % Tail-DNA, tail length Human Chromosomal Q-Heterochromatin, Human Body Heat Conductivity, Cell Thermoregulation, Human Adaptation mitochondrial DNA, cytochrome b gene, red squirrel Salinity stress, drought stress, S. rebaudiana, Steviol glycosides, Real-time quantitative PCR, HPLC Soil, 18S r RNA and 28S r RNA gene, High throughput sequencing Advanced single seed descent method, Sub1 locus, IYT1, Sub1BC2, breeding lines, donor and submergence stress Domestic disposal, Enterobacteriaceae, Disc diffusion, ESBL, plasmid curing Salinity, Submergence, Rice landraces, Microsatellite (SSR) markers, Sub1 and Saltol locus. Short sequence repeats; Leptospira; Chromosome I and II; microsatellites; Statistical analysis Polymorphism, Dendrogram, Jaccard Similarity coefficient. Soil, 16S rRNA gene, High throughput sequencing, rRNA Oxidative stress, Chromosomal aberrations, Oxidative damage, Genomic instability Fibroid disease, Estradiol¸ Prolactin, PCR, XRCC1 Wheat, Joint scaling test, Six parameter models, Gene effects EH, MTHFR, Homocysteine, SNP Inheritance, Variability, Heritability, Selection, Bread Wheat GHRHR, growth stages, Labeo rohita, mRNA expression, qPCR Gene interactions, Epistatic, Gene Effects, Generation Mean Analysis, Yield Attributes Line x Tester, Heterosis, Grain yield and Mungbean Rice, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Candidate genes, Sequence alignment Domestication, Genetic resources, Sheep, Goat, Conservation Rice, marker validation and blast resistant genes Common ponyfish., Histopathology,. Red Sea., Al-Shabab lagoon, Gills Heterosis, Rice, Hybrid, Grain yield, Grain quality GSTM1, null, breast cancer, Jammu Soil moisture status, Crop phenology, Dry matter accumulation, Yield contributing characters Characterization, Polymorphic Information Content, Jacards similarity matrix, Genetic Similarity, RAPD Cluster bean, D2 technique, Genetic divergence, Cluster Genetic diversity, Foliar disease resistance, Multivariate analysis, Clustering, Peanut Greengram, Variability, Genetic divergence, Inter-cluster distance Napier bajra grass, Genetic Advance, Heritability, Variability, Forage Yield Coding and noncoding regions, DNA methylation, Epigenetic mechanism, Content sensors Vegetable cowpea, Genetic Divergence, Clusters Dubraj, induced mutation, gamma rays, traditional aromatic rice, semi-dwarf β-carotene, Maize, Moisture Stress, Stability, Yield Rice, Tillers per plant, Plant height, QTL analysis, RILs adaptive changes, expression of IL6 and IL10 genes, physical fitness Variability, Correlation, Heritability, Path coefficients, Rice (Oryza sativa L). Variability, Correlation, Heritability, Rice (Oryza sativa L.), Zinc Trap vectors, insertional mutagenesis, novel genes, tissue –specific, reporter genes Descriptors, Casuarina, DUS, Genetic resources Genomic selection, Accuracy of selection, Genetic gain, Genomic estimated breeding values MAGIC population, Precise QTLs mapping, Linkage map construction Rice, Genetic diversity, D2 statistic and cluster agronomic, grain yield, mineral content Correlation, genetic variability, genetic advance, Groundnut Adult body weight, egg production, heritability, Uttara chickens Potato, Morphological Marker, Molecular Marker and Genetic Diversity Mungbean, RAPD Marker, ISSR Markers, and yield components Osteopontin (OPN gene), Polymorphism, Association, Stillbirth, Dystocia F1 hybrids, Additive variance, Dominant variance, Narrow sense heritability, Cucumber Rice, Oryza Species, psbA-trnH, Phylogeny, Variation. BOLD, diversity Line x Tester, Heterosis, Grain yield and Rice F1 hybrids, inbreds, flowering, fruiting Soybean, Preharvest Sprouting, Resistance, Character association, Genetic Variability Map-based cloning, Fine mapping, Gene, Molecular marker, Vegetable Dual purpose, Disease severity, Geographic regions, Spot blotch Rice, gall midge, genetic divergence Oilseed crops, Seed yield, Heterozygosity Sesame, combining ability, heterosis, line x tester, gene action Antheraea mylitta, temperature stress, Proteins, catalase, tropical tasar Sugarcane, water stress, variability, heritability, genetic advance Maize, β-carotene, crtRB1 gene, Manipur Genetic variability, Correlation, Heritability, Hybrid rice and grain yield Draughtability, creatine kinase, lactic acid, Kangayam, Bargur Genomic DNA, timbers, phenolic, ISSR, SSR IgE, 5′ UTR, Haemonchus contortus, Rohilkhandi goat, FEC Bread wheat, Combining ability, GCA, SCA, Additive, Non-additive Common bean, PCV, GCV, Heritability Mungbean, Cluster analysis, Diversity analysis and Wilks statistics ANOVA, D2 analysis, Diversity, Drought, intra cluster and inter cluster Common bean, QTLs Dhaincha, Green manuring, Variability, Diversity Solanum melongena, mean performance, genetic variability, heritability, genetic advance, genetic diversity Momordica cymbalaria , Underexploited, Characterization, Ecotyopes, Variability, Heritability & Neutraceutical Rice (Oryza sativa L.), Genetic behaviour, Gene action, Fertility restoration Melia dubia, ISSR markers, Genetic Diversity, Superior seed sources genetic estimates, growth parameters, wood anatomical parameters, eucalyptus Bulked segregant analysis, lodging resistance, Genetics, Rice Dendrocalamus hamiltonii, Bamboo, Genetic diversity, Microsatellite markers, Altitudinal gradient Millets, Plant breeding Crossability, Pollen, Incompatibility, Floral, Malformation Genetic evaluation, vegetable type French bean, pod yield and quality traits Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.), genetic variability, Correlation, Path analysis Ailanthus excelsa, germination percentage, seed and seedling mortality, Pre-treatments Cluster analysis, genetic diversity, biochemical parameters, Euclidean Phenogram Genetic Divergence, Melia dubia, Tree Breeding, Seed sources, Mahalanobis’ D2, Tocher’s clustering Salix, tree willows, heritability, genetic gain, growth, biomass Zinc deficiency, mapping population, pigeonpea and backcross Diversity, Melia dubia, polymorphism, selective genotyping, stress wave timer Banana, Qualitative Characters, Genomic Groups Economic heterosis, Heterobeltiosis, Rice, Standard heterosis Character associationship, Genetic characterization, Horticultural traits, Purple tomato Pigeonpea, trait, correlation, path analysis, harvest index, earliness, Seed yield Greengram, Range, Skewness, Kurtosis, Frequency Bell Pepper, Germplasm Bael (Aegle marmelos), Genotypes, Pulp, Fruit size, Skull thickness, Seed Sesame, Genotypes, Traits, Character association, Path analysis Genetic Variability, GCV, PCV, h2, Diversity, Cluster Analysis, D2, Cluster Distance Pearl Millet, Iron, Zinc, Biofortification, Seed Parents Diversity, STMS, Vigna, alleles, UPGMA ICAR-AICVIP-VC, Bottle Gourds Entries (AVT-I), Vegetative Growth, Yield Rice, Drought, Osmotic Stress, Landraces, PEG6000, R/S Ratio Silkworm germplasm resources, Bivoltine, Conservation, Cluster analysis Seed treatment, Sowing method, SWI, Broadcasting, Wheat Genotype X Environment, Stability parameters, Stable genotypes, Yield Weeds, Pre-emergence, Finger millet, Toxicity, Germination Rice, Oryza sativa, Relative heterosis, Heterobeltiosis, Inbreeding depression Genetic Diversity, Simple Sequence Repeat, Pigeonpea, Polymorphic Information Content Okra, Genotypic correlation coefficient, Phenotypic correlation coefficient ICAR-ICRP-VC -Tomato Indeterminate varietal entries (AVT-II), growth, Yield Heterosis, Inbreeding depression, Yield component, Heterobeltiosis Okra, Heritability, Genetic advance Chickpea, Correlation, Path analysis, Heritability, Genetic advance, Seed yield Rice, Morphology, Germination and Vigour