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Dr Constantinos A Georgiou
Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0975-3710 (Print) E-ISSN : 0975-9107 (Online) Frequency : Monthly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 84.45; NAAS: 4.20 (2018)       CODEN : IJAS
DOI : 10.9735/0975-3710       Abbreviation : Int J Agr Sci
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Profilin, Tertiary structure, docking studies, Schizosaccharomyces pombe Banana, Musa, PCR, DNA isolation, RAPD Oryza, Zinc Sulphate, Organic Manure, Organometallic Complexes, Calcerous soil forest cover, depletion of forest, forest development strategy Lipaphis erysimi (kalt.), fenitrothrion, carbaryl, quinalphos, endosulfan Composite flour, Millet flour blend, Properties, Soy flour, Viscosity Composting, Trigonella fenugercur, Pisum sativam, Earthworms, Azotobactor sp. Fly ash Natural fibers, urea formaldehyde resin, hybrid composite, volume fraction Organotin(IV)amide, insecticidal, pesticidal, antifeedant and acaricidal activity. Landuse pattern, crop ranking, crop combination, cropping pattern Fenugreek, Seed, Soaking, Broilers, Carcass. Acid soils, okra, growth, pod yield, lime, nitrogen, rates. Bobcat Tractor, Autonomous Tractor, Bio-Production Vehicle, Hydrostatic drive, Lever steering, Master-Slave Tractor Cynobacteria, Biodiversity, Occurrence, Habitat, Paddy ecology Confusion matrix, Data Mining, Decision tree, Neural Network, stacking ensemble, voted perceptron Soybean, cultivars, storage, viability, deterioration, seed vigor and periods Longevity, Taif rose cut flowers, AgNO3, Sucrose, water uptake, Chlorophyll, carbohydrate Lota Bhot, callusogenesis, In vitro flower induction, In vitro fruit development, Hardening, GA3, AgNO3 Alphonso mangoes, Spongy Tissue, digital X-Ray imaging, Non-Destructive testing, subspace analysis, principal component analysis, fisher linear discriminant analysis, textural features Kagzi-lime, Physical properties, frictional properties Decision Support System, Sustainable Agriculture, Crop modelling, Management Information systems, Agricultural Systems Research, Integrated pollution control, Land use planning, knowledge representation and searching Export opportunities, competitiveness, vegetable crops, India Land use/Land cover, Image Classification, Reference Data, Accuracy Assessment, Kappa Statistic In-situ Soil Moisture, Tillage treatments Correlation, Heritability, Variation, Freethreshability, Dicoccum wheat Sesame, cultivars, date of sowing, yield, economics, quality Spices, Growth rates, Exponential Growth Function, Cuddy Della instability index Diversification index, composite entropy index, Cobb-Douglas production function, farming system, underutilized, optimum allocation, FS, resource use efficiency Agriculture loan, Overdues, Tribal borrowers, Discriminant function analysis, Defaulter and non-defaulter Blackgram, sesame, intercropping, moisture conservation practices, economics Aloe vera, Carrots, Minimal processing, Edible coatings, Physiological loss in weight, decay loss, hunter L a b value Cotton, Biparental mating, PCV, GCV, h2(b), h2(n), Genetic variance Agro-input dealer, Extension activity, Gender, Involvement ARIMA, Forecasting, Instability, Production insecticides, earth worms, soil arthropods, areca garden, phorate Direct seeded rice, Disease, Grain yield, Insect-pest, Transplanted rice, Weeds Rainfall, relative humidity, rice, temperature Soil moisture, 50% flowering, INM, Broad bed and furrow, yield attributes Day and Night temperature, Growth, Rice, Temperature regimes, Yield Chickpea, Compound growth rate, Cuddy-Della Valle Instability Index, Decomposition, Instability, Pigeonpea, Pulses Chickpea, Chlorophyll kinetics, Leghaemoglobin, Nodulation, Productivity, Urea spray Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Wheat genotypes bioassay, entomopathogen, Beauveria bassiana, Tetranychus urticae, LC50, LT50 Guar production, Import-export, Guar gum processing Black point, wheat, symptom, discolouration, seed Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV), Resistance, Seed yield, and Urdbean CMS lines, hybrid rice, Line x Tester, standard heterosis, temperate agroecology Pigeonpea, Lines, Testers, Yield per plant, Hybrids, Heterosis Tribal, Non-tribal, Agricultural Modernization Plant Growth Regulators, Mango, Yield, Quality analysis, combining ability, diallel analysis, gene action, quality traits, wheat Pearl millet, image analysis, seed area, length, width, perimeter, diameter Pigeonpea, line x tester analysis, gene effects, heterosis, quantitative traits Single, double and winter’s exponential smoothing techniques, forecasting and export of tea Microsatellite markers are very useful for the analysis of genetic purity and diversity assessment. Present study was aimed to analyze genetic purity in seed mixture and diversity assessment among different rice varieties. All the 6 (RM 1, RM 242, RM 276, RM285, RM 429, and RM 341) primers used in this investigation were found polymorphic, revealing 28 allelic variants at 9 loci with an average of 3.1 alleles per locus among the 7 rice varieties and their seed mixture tested. A total of 13 shared and 15 unique allelic variants were generated among the varieties and varietal mixture tested. Considering the number of alleles in conjunction with the level of polymorphism detected, these 4 SSR markers (RM 1, RM 429, RM 242 and RM 341) appeared to be more informative primers. Among the primer pairs used for molecular profiling, RM 1, RM 242 and RM 341 appeared to be relatively more useful in revealing comparatively more easily recognizable and predictable pattern of polymorphism for genetic purity testing. Cajanus cajan, pigeonpea, pod borer, insecticides Gene expression, Varshadhan, Anaerobic condition, Seed germination, Submergence tolerance Climate change, Global warming, Crop production, Green house gases Rice, Medicinal land races, biochemical traits, PCV, GCV Castor, Population dynamics, Sucking pest AMMI, Pearl millet, G x E interaction, Bi-plot and Stability analysis Antioxidant capacity, Nutritional quality, Phytate,Polyphenols, Sorghum Yield gap, Sustainable agriculture, Intensification, Quantification, Rice, Maize, Brown sarson, Field pea, Rajmash Pearl millet, Half-diallel, Gene effects, Pennisetumglaucum Total Factor Productivity, Tornquist-Theil Index, Productivity, Cotton Coir products, Growth rate, Instability and direction of trade Custard apple, Pulp, Physiochemical properties and Microbial count Peronosclerospora sorghi, Recombinant Inbred Line, Spreader row technique, co-segregation, Marker assisted selection Solar water heating system, Flat plate collector, Thermo-syphon, Thermal efficiency of collector Drought stress, Quantitative trait locus (QTL), DTY2.1, DTY3.1, Swarna-Sub1 and gene expression Salinity levels, Quality of Irrigation water, Drip Irrigation PUFA, ω-3, DHA, EPA, Tilapia Drum seeder, Spacing, Fabrication, Evaluation, Calibration, 4 row, Field capacity and cost of operation Northeast India, Aquaculture, Diversification, Traditional knowledge Total Factor Productivity, Tornquist-Theil Index, Productivity, Sugarcane Cachar, Fish farm size, Fish production, Fuzzy, Cluster analysis, c-mean Maize, in vivo, Inductor, Haploid, RAPD Plum, cultivar, Darjeeling, yield, quality Plantain, Nendran, NPK, Growth Rice, White Ponni, Semi-dwarf, Amylose and Heritability Citrus, Carrizo citrange, Stem cuttings, Shoot and root Fungicides, Dinocap, Powdery Mildew, Fenugreek. Chickpea, Phenology, Flowering pattern, Yield Eye worm, Eye, Corneal opacity in Horses Bio fertilizer, Azolla, Rice, Yield and Soil fertility Economics, Land use efficiency, Nitrogen use efficiency, Production efficiency, Rice equivalent yield Biochar, Nitrogen, Production, Slow Release Fertilizer, Release Pattern AGR, CGR, RGR, Wheat Adoption, Sugarcane Technologies, Maharashtra Decomposition model, Technology Adoption, Impact, Added cost and Added returns, ICBR ratio Godetia grandiflora, Growth parameters, Organic manures, Income, Monoculture, Agroforestry system, Farmyard manure, Vermicompost Crop, Livestock, Farming, Integrated farming, Mix farming Training, Dairy Farmers, KVK and performance of indigenous cows Agronomic use efficiency, Crop productivity, Nitrogen, Tuber yield Agroforestry system, Dianthus barbatus, Farming system, FYM, Growth parameters, Sustainable, Land use system, Organic manures Jatropha, SSR markers, ISSR markers, Marker assisted breeding INM, Nutrient uptake, Microbial parameters, Dry matter, Pointed gourd Food processing, HPP, irradiation, Magnetic field, Non-thermal, PEF and ultrasound Seed Rates, Weed Management Regimes, Weed Dynamics, Crop Performance, Production Potential and Urdbean Barley Crop, Fertility Balance, Irrigation and Production Economics Control, Indigenous method, Septoria leaf blotch Bio-fertilizer, Growth, Organic manure, Turmeric and Yield Krishna Western Delta, MODFLOW, Simulation, Sensitivity Analysis Alternaria, Early blight, Cucurbitaceae, Brassicaceae, Solanaceae Rice, Quality traits, Correlation and path analysis, Grain yield Bioinoculant, Heavy metals, Rhizobium leguminosarum, Tomato Chromosome, Wheat, Ploidy and interspecific crosses Ginger candy, Modelling, Osmotic dehydration, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Economic development, GIS map, Human development, Model districts, Regional disparity, Social indicators, Tribal population Perception, Climate variability, Adaptation, Northern dry zone of Karnataka Ethyl Metanesulphonate, Stay green, Biochemical, Proline, Wheat, Chlorophyll, Osmolytes Agro Met, Bulletins, Economic impact, Tamil Nadu Hybrid rice seed production, Swot analysis, India, Kendall Co-efficient Alphonso mango, Ratnagiri, Soil macro-nutrients, Leaf macro-nutrients, Yield Mustard, Training gap, Production, Innovation Basmati Rice, Crop Performance, Economics, Indo-Gangetic Plain Population Density, Weed Management Regimes and Weed Dynamics Decision making, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship development, Adoption leadership, Risk orientation, Multiple regression analysis Rice, Correlation, Path analysis Rice husk, Biofuel, Briquette, Compaction behaviour, Bulk density, Swelling ratio Kerrialacca (Kerr), Ants Association, Eco-system, Madhya Pradesh, Distribution Jassid, Aphid, Neonicotinoids, and Bio efficacy genotypes, gladiolus, performance, flowering Correlation coefficient, path analysis, yields components Bactrocera cucurbitae, Biology, Coccinia indica Morphometrics Amikacin, antibiogram, gentamicin, Klebsiella, Mastitis Aproaerema modicella, Arachis hypogaea, Intercropping system, IPM RAPD, SSR, PIC, Pearl millet, Wheat, Genetic diversity Screening, Rhizoctonia bataticola, Isolates, Soybean cultivar Climate Change; Runoff Simulation; Baseline; Climate Scenarios Leaf spot, Pathogenicity, in vitro, Inoculation Zn uptake, efficiency index, Zn efficient, Rice genotypes, Yield, Zn levels Demand, Food grains, Projection, Engel curves Hybrid rice, livelihood security, CACP concepts, linear programming, gini-coefficient Hybrid rice, costs and returns, income inequality, Lorenz curve and gini-coefficient Jassid, Aphid, Whitefly, Shoot and fruit borer and Weather factors Cabbage, Alternaria brassicae, Insecticides, Fungicides and compatibility Brucella melitensis, goats, RBPT, Sero-prevalence, Serum samples, Zoonoses Potato growers, adoption behavior, improved production technology Cereal and pulses, Standardization, Proximate analysis, Sensory study Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), Correlation, Heritability and genetic advance Flower initiation, Marigold, Flower yield, 50% flowering Rice, Soil test crop response, STCR-Equation Cropping system, Phosphorus management, Niger, Fodder sorghum Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Character association, Path analysis, Barnyard millet, direct and indirect effects Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Character association, Path analysis, Foxtail millet, direct and indirect effects Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Character association, Path analysis, Little millet, direct and indirect effects Coriander, Essential oil, Protected cultivation, Microclimate, Leaf yield Sugarcane Planted and Ratoon, Marginal Value of Productivity and Resource Use Efficiency Growth, Yield, Quality, Nitrogen, Zinc and Indian mustard Entrepreneurship, Investment, Income, employment, socio-economic empowerment, livelihood-model, sustainable development Dendrobium spp, Sonia 17, Coco peat, Coconut husk, Charcoal, Ex-agar plantlet Agro ecological unit, Coconut, farmer, Kerala, nutrient index, nutrient management, organic manure, yield Maize, Intercropping, Chilo partellus, Sesamia inferens, Neem cake Agricultural Subsidies, Subsidies and food security, Comparative analysis of India and China, Agriculture in India and China Guava, plant spacing, high density, shoot pruning, winter season Energy, Oyster Mushroom, Different Substrates, Tribal community, India Positive and negative impacts, agribusiness firms, contract farming in India Kankrej cattle, Breeding practices, Professional breeder, Oestrus, ITK, Prejudice Solanum melongena, Phomopsis vexans, Lipoxygenase, Chitinase, Glucanase Direct-seeded rice, Cultivars, Planting methods, Line sowing, Weed management, Hand weeding, Net returns, BCR Persistence, Pretilachlor, Penoxsulam, Pyrazosulfuron Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Deficiency, Nutrient Content. Sowing time, system of cultivation, yield, energetics Fertilizer, soybean, seed yield, oil and protein content Bajra, price forecasting, ARIMA model, Rajasthan factors, knowledge, knowledge gape, recommended practices, tribal farmers Farm women, Knowledge, Dairy husbandry, Milch animal, Management. NFSM, Wheat, Awareness, Benefit, Farm Equipment. Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Morpho-physiological and quality traits and Grain yield Dairy Farms, Supply patterns, Feeding, investment, Labour & fixed cost Stem fly, Soybean crop, Stem tunneling, Weather parameter, Parasitoid Molybdenum, Microbial inoculants, Rhizobium, Nutrient uptake, soybean Consumers knowledge, Food label, Perception, Health Pregnancy diagnosis, Dairy animals, Laboratory tests, Rectal palpation, Ultrasonography Chick pea, Parasitoid, Gram Pod Borer Cabbage, S. litura, larvicidal, toxicity Osmotic dehydration, Diffusivity, Sapota, Mass transfer Drip, Design, Coiler, Hand, Tractor, Machine, Pulley, Shaft Bio-rationals, Chilli, Helicoverpa armigera, Scirtothrips dorsalis, Yield Metabolic disorders, nutrition, lactation, dry period. Analysis, Constraint, Farmer, Productivity, Wheat production, Yield gap Calf, Dairy farmers, Drought, Livestock, Management Managerial Efficiency, Knowledge, Coconut growers, Saurashtra Resource use efficiency, Contract farming, Marigold Knowledge, Livelihood, Scientific management, RKVY Radio (AFMR), Age, Attitude, Native place, Academic performance, Correlation Coefficient. Livestock Farmer, Socio-economic change, Veterinary Extension Information needs, Groundnut production technology, Association Frontline demonstration, Yield gap, Technology gap, Extension gap, Technology index Self Help Group, Participation, Fund, Voluntary and Institution Dal Mills, Pulse processing, BEP (Break Even Point, Economic analysis, Capital investment Determinants, Knowledge, Cotton growers, Weed management, Biological method Constraints, Agricultural Assistants, Suggestions, Transfer of technologies Adoption, Recommendation, Improved animal husbandry practices and dairy farming Tomato growers, Training need suitability for training programmes Social media, Agriculture, India, Social Networking Services, WhatsApp Profile, Knowledge, Vegetable growers, Eco-friendly practices Coconut plantation, Coconut plantation growers, Multiple regression analysis Farm labourers, Livelihood pattern, Aspirations Training, Breeding, Feeding, Management Gram and Green gram, Front Line Demonstrations Green gram, Proportionate random sampling method, Statistical analysis Temperature, relative humidity, incubation periods, darkness and light, powdery mildew, fenugreek, conidial germination, Erysiphe polygoni Ragi blast, Pyricularia grisea, Tamil Nadu, Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Insecticides, Neem oil, Moong bean seed (var.PDM 11), Sprayer Farm women, drudgery, women friendly tools, energy expenditure, working heart rate Food, Trends and Patterns, Protein, Consumption, Dietary Allowances, Elasticity Polianthes tuberosa, Gamma rays, X-rays, EMS Adoption, Beneficiaries, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Non-Beneficiaries and Tribal farmers Yield gap, Costs, & Returns and Constraints Oleoresin, Metabolites, Guggul, Abiotic stress Brinjal, Cyantraniliprole, efficacy and insects Campoletis chlorideae, Relative humidity, chickpea ecosystem, agro-climatic conditions Hand Weeding, Pendimethalin, Plant population, Pigeon pea Pigeon pea, Plant geometry, Irrigation, Paired row planting Plant Population, Weed Management, Pendimethalin Fenugreek, Irrigation, FYM, CC, Nutrient uptake Pattern, Arrivals and Prices, Wheat, Different Grade, Regulated Markets, Madhya Pradesh Bacillus species, single strand conformational polymorphism, recA gene BILs, Biochemical and Physiological Evaluation, Rice, Salinity and Submergence Ginger germplasm, genetic variability, Eastern Ghat High Land Zone, rhizome yield, clump weight, tillers per plant Micronutrients, Brick kilns, Soil Desurfacing, Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System Spent wash, Muriate of Potash (MOP), RCBD design, Maize, Yield attributes, Grain yield, Stover yield, Economics Non-farm activity, Eigen value, Predictors, Multiple Discriminant Analysis Dolichos bean, Prediction, Recombinant Inbred Lines, Validation Glycosides, Stevia, polyhouse, open field conditions Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench, heterosis, diallel analysis, fruit yield Common scab, Potato (Solanum tuberosum), Streptomyces scabies, Field evaluation Bipolaris sorokiniana, bread wheat, date of sowing, AUDPC, resistance Adoption, Assessment, Characterization, Constraints, Farmer, Germplasm, Guava, Production Transcription factor binding site, fiber strength, cotton, transcription factors, expressed sequence tags and position weight matrix Cellulose degrading microbe, Yogurt, rice stubble, Glyphosate, Upland rice, Rainfed Capsicum annuum, Polyhouse, Clusters, D2 analysis, Genetic diversity Self Help Groups, Socio-economic status, Women empowerment, Socio-political participation, Internal lending, Bank loan Yellow Mosaic Virus, Highly Resistance, Genotypes and Soybean Crop cutter, Rice harvester, wheat harvester and brush cutter Crop Insurance, Impact, Madhya Pradesh, Risk minimization and Uncertainty Meteorological Drought, Drought intensity, Dry spell, Rainfall Pattern, Drought Frequency, Keonjhar Backyard poultry, training, adoption level, education, socioeconomic Onion, Allium cepa L., Arka Niketan, Yield, Quality, Organic Farming, Jharkhand Greenhouse chrysanthemum, interrupted light regime, plant growth analysis, crop growth rate, net assimilation rate, IAA oxidase activity, flower yield Zinc sources, microbial isolates, clearing zone, zinc solubilization, Bt cotton, growth attributes, root characters, zinc uptake Sustainable, adoption, vermicompost, training, awareness, trainees, residential, non-residential. Internet, Utilization Behaviour, Effects, Academic and Non-academic performance, Agricultural University Olinda Valencia, Rootstock, Swingle citrumelo, C-32 citrange and Rubidoux trifoliate Self Help Group, economic empowerment, rural women, mass media exposure, extension contact Information needs, Potato grower Farm labourers, communicational, psychological and social characteristics Constraints, Gram panchayat members, Navsari, Suggestions Village development Aptitude, Knowledge, Pesticide, Pesticide users, Correlation, South Gujarat Gini coefficient, Total income, Net income, Value addition, Cluster Frontline demonstration, Yield gap, Technology gap, Extension gap, Technology index Knowledge, Adoption, Poultry and Management practices Mustard Cultivation, Adoption Women Empowerment. Education. Baking Skills Cloud computing, Agricultural Cloud, Information and communication technology, Agricultural development Attitude, Neem based bio- pesticides, Scale product method, Scale development Knowledge, Surendranagar, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Recommendation, improved animal husbandry practices and dairy farming ICT, Agricultural Extension Knowledge, milch animal, Navsari, management Knowledge, Rural Youth Tribal livestock owners, vaccination in ruminants, Constraints, Suggestions Krushi Mahotsav, Correlation analysis, Multiple Regression analysis Pearl Millet, Frontline Demonstration, GHB-558 Kisan Call Center, Knowledge, communication, ICT, Caller Farmers Wheat cultivation, Correlation, Knowledge and attitude Demonstration, IPM, chickpea, pheromone traps, bird perches ICT, Cloud Computing, Agriculture, Farmers Climate change, Skill improvement, Awareness programme Inland aquaculture, Adoption, RKVY, management Agribusiness anxiety, Constraints, Diploma agricultural students GDEI, Proactive attitude, Skill development, SHGs Adoption, Respondents, Technology, Drip Irrigation, Pomegranate growers Constraints, Suggestions, Milch Animal Knowledge level, Nutritional diet, Farmwomen Knowledge, Use, Drudgery Reduction, Farm women, Animal Husbandry Role performance, Field extension functionaries, Veterinary services, Dairy technology, Feedback Greenhouse Gases Causes, Losses, Remedial Measures, and Sustainable Agriculture Crisis management of cotton cultivation, Cotton grower, Constraints suggestion Cotton grower, Knowledge, Crisis management Behaviour, Knowledge, Integrated Pest Management, Adoption Attitude, Knowledge, Integrated Pest Management, Bt. cotton growers Sesame, Impact, Frontline demonstration Milk, Gir cow, Jafarabadi buffalo, Maintenance, Cost Neem coated urea, Urea, Knowledge level Knowledge level, Adoption level, Tomato Production Technology, Tomato Growers Utility pattern, ICT, e-mail, Internet, Technology Groundnut, frontline demonstration, Trichoderma, Stem rot. Farmers, Agrochemicals and Use pattern Herd size, Livestock and Organic paddy farming Greenhouse Gases Causes, Losses, Remedial Measures, and Sustainable Agriculture Training, Organic farming, Knowledge, Training method, Techniques Cattle owners, Personal, Socio-economic characteristics Livestock industry, Animal health problems Price behavior, Linear and quadratic model, Compound growth rate, Irregular fluctuation Constraints, suggestions, recommended Groundnut Production Technologies SHG members, Non SHG members, Relationship, IWMP Impediments, Suggestions, IWMP, Self help group, Empowerment Self help groups, Empowerment, Motivational Factors, Loan pattern Economic empowerment of women, Women empowerment, women education and empowerment Sesame, Impact, Frontline demonstration Training, Impact, KVK, FLD, Extension activities Kharif groundnut cultivation, Multiple regression analysis Kharif groundnut production technology, Groundnut growers, Correlation Organic Farming Practices, Total Indirect Effect, Substantial Indirect Effect Vermicompost, NGO Soybean, Trypsin inhibitor, Protein, Green Chemistry, IVPD Socio economic, Anthropometric measurements, Clinical investigation Pigeon Pea, FLDs, Economic impact, Adoption, B:C ratio Drinking water, Human development, Eological stability, Water treatment, Freshwater resources, Groundwater, Domestic effluent discharges. Dairy farmer, Veterinary doctor, FMD, Vaccination Garcinia, Antioxidant, Ascorbic acid, carotenoid, Assam Onion, physical, mechanical properties Water logging, Soil Texture, Hydraulic Conductivity, SEW30 Index, Ground Water Table Drip Irrigation, surface furrow irrigation and sorghum economics. Planter, Red gram, Paddy, Evaluation, Cost of operation Weed, Paddy weeder, Soil moisture, Bulk density and Cone index Development, Manual, Multi Crop, Planter Deep fat frying, frying temperature, Frying time, Jackfruit Chips Drip Irrigation, Surface furrow irrigation, Sorghum grain yield and yield attributes Groundnut production, Laser land levelling, Water saving, Traditional land levelling Evapotranspiration, Crop coefficients, CROPWAT, Potential evapotranspiration Watershed, Linear, Areal, Relief aspects, GIS Temporal variability, Levelling index, Laser levelling, Conventional levelling Crop water requirement, Climate variability, SPI, Karnataka Maize properties, Maize de-husking, Maize shelling Groundnut, Laser land leveling, Weed count, Traditional land leveling Curve Number Method, Time Series Model, Rainfall-Runoff Self Help Group, Socio-economic empowerment, Rural women Acute lethal, Phorate, Cyprinus carpio, Pillar cells, Hypertrophy, Necrosis, Atrophy Combining ability, Diallel, GCA, SCA and Wheat Bio-agents, Root-knot nematode, Soil application, Brinjal Milling, Brown rice, Fissures, Dimensions Foam mat drying, Control, Treated, Drying rate, Modelling Ascorbic acid, Mandrin, TSS, 2,4-D and Overall acceptability Dietary Diversity Score (DDS), Food Variety Score (FVS), Nutrient Adequacy Ratio (NAR), Mean adequacy ratio (MAR) Correlation, Genetic advance, Heritability, Path coefficient and Tomato Cereal crops, Front line demonstrations, Technology and extension gaps, Technology index, Improved technologies Groundnut, Co-integration, Granger causality, Vector error correction model Barley yield, Gypsum, Moisture conservation, Nutrients losses, Protein Heritability, Genetic variability, Genetic advance, Accessions, Harvest index Path coefficient analysis, Selection parameters, Onion genotypes Ocimum basilicum, Growth attributes, Essential oil, Nitrogen, Sulphur Rice, Descriptive statistics, Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Skewness and Kurtosis Phenology, Leaf flush, Evolutionary limitations, Taxa, Reproductive success Crop planning, Rainfed agriculture, Probability analysis, Mayurbhanj Tamworth x Deshi pig, Crossbred, Hermaphrodite Bio-fertilizers, Micronutrients, Quality parameters and Tomato Extent of adoption, Groundnut cultivation, Technology Abiotic stress, correlation, phone phases and pigeon pea Water absorption capacity, Titrable acidity, Swelling capacity, Batter volume, Sensory attributes. Browning, Enzymes, Mannitol dehydrogenase, Tyrosinase, Water activity Spirulina platensis, Sago effluent, Anaerobically digested sago effluent, Laboratory model raceway pond, Namakkal Sorghum, Charcoal rot, M. phaseolina, Temperature and pH Demand, Supply, Gaps, Projections, Population, Trend analysis, Food security Rice, Hybrid, Improved varieties, MVP, MFC, Technical Efficiency Pulation dynamics, L. trifolii, Tomato, Correlation Yield, Yield attributes, Bio-fertilizers, Micronutrients Vegetable crops, Front line demonstration, Farmers, Impact, Bihar Drip fertigation, Net return, Nutrient use efficiency, Varieties, Water use efficiency Rice, Drought, Backcross Inbred Lines, Stress Indices and Quantitative trait loci Fluorescein Diacetate (FDA), Microbial Biomass Carbon (MBC), Organophosphate pesticide, Phosphamidon, Respiration, Soil Bees, Foraging Behaviour, Pollinator, Bael Bed Planting, Conservation tillage, Maize and Zero tillage Yield (inter crop and sole crop), Production potential LER, PE, RCC Indian goose berry; Mustard cake; Organic Matter; soil pH; Vermicompost Wheat, root-knot nematode, Date of Sowing and Temperature Education, Social participation, Innovativeness, Economic orientation, Scientific orientation Natural resources management, Watershed management, Adoption Black gram, Broad sense heritability, Genetic advance, GAM, Variability Flowering, GA3, Growth, NAA, TIBA, Watermelon, Yield Awareness, Insured loanee farmers (ILFs), Wheat, Crop insurance, NAIS and WBCIS Economics, B:C ratio, Insecticides, Sunflower, Yield, Seed production and Alluvial Zone Alternaria spp., Media, pH and fungal sporulation Extent of use, ICT, Market information, Uttarakhand Cane yield, Economics, Growth, Ratoon, Sugarcane, Weed density, Integrated Weed Management Annona suqamosa L, Ripening, Refrigerator, Crates, Cartoon India, Coffee, Production, Productivity, Stagnation, Export, Niche markets Gibberllic acid, Hybrid rice, NAA, Sed set per cent, Seed yield Dairy Women, Training Programme, Knowledge Gain and Knowledge Retention Powdery mildew, Black spot, Rose germplasm, Screening Naturally ventilated polyhouse (NVP), Polyhouse cucumber, Fertigation, Water soluble fertilizer, Gynoecious variety, Protected cultivation, Cucumber yield Fatty acids, Pod fragrance, Trans-2-dodecenoic acid, Trans-2-tetradecenoic acid Adolescent, Nutritional status, 24-hour dietary recall, Body Mass Index (BMI), Average daily intake. Rainfall Simulator¸ Nutrient loss, Water Quality, Land Slope, Runoff Food Processing, Ohmic Heating, Joule Heating, Resistive Heating, Shelf Life Plant geometry, Seed yield, Solanum lycopersicum L, Tomato, Training Tomato, red, black, silver and organic mulch, soil temperature, economics, MBC Near isogenic lines (NILs) – root QTL– pyramiding– Drought–Carbon 13 isotope discrimination– Rice Adoption, Beneficiary, Front line demonstration, Mustard production technology, Non-beneficiary Garlic, Genotypes, Characterization Lilium, fertigation, Planting season, Cultivars Dairy Farmer, Dairy Farming Practices Kesar mango, Establishment cost, Input costs, Net returns, B:C ratio. Runoff, sediments¸ Auto correlation Function, Partial Correlation Function, Akai information criteria Jamun, Budding, Time, Nursery Bed and Poly Bags Paddy, Alkali soils, Reclamation, Yield Spider Lily, Micronutrients, Formulations, Foliar Spray, Soil Application Mustard, Weed management, Orobanche, Weed control efficiency, Yield Tillage, Nutrient, Productivity, profitability, Wheat IPM, Adoption, Cauliflower, Cultural Practices IPM, Cultural Practices, Knowledge, Biocontrol Custom Hiring, Break-even point, Farm machine Groundnut, Information needs, Groundnut growers Suggestive model, Constraints, Suggestions, Groundnut growers Organic farming, Knowledge, Training, Correlation coefficient MODFLOW, DEM, ArcGIS, Pre-post Monsoon, Faridabad Climate change; Drought; Length of growing period (LGP); Rainfall; Crop and Varietal selection Moisture stress,Pigeon Pea, Biometric Parameter, Yield Rice-wheat, Nitrogen, Farm yard manure, Phosphorus and grain yield Integrated Plant Nutrient Management, Onion, Azospirillum, Azotobacter, Technology Gap, Extension Gap Rotavator, Soybean, Crop Residues and Organic Content Fertility levels, FYM, Vermicompost, Hybrid rice, SRI Quality and Profitability Androgenesis, Doubled haploid, Rice hybrid, SSR. Additive Variance, Bi-parental Progenies, Dominance Variance, Muskmelon Nutrient uptake, Groundnut, Microbial inoculants, Quality parameters Housing, Feeding, Breeding practices, Backyard poultry, Chhattisgarh Energy, Fibre, Leaf, Sisal Septic SIRS, Dogs, Incidence Morpho- physiological, NUE, NUpE, NUtE and grain yield Septic SIRS, Bactremia, Blood culture Life cycle, Heterodera zeae, Sweet corn Irrigation Systems, Evapotranspiration, Crop Water, Extra Terrestrial Radiation, Temperature and Humidity GCA, SCA, CMS, Hybrid rice, Gene action Benefit cost ratio, Internal rate of return, Net present value, Payback period, Water use efficiency Abiotic factors, Bt Cotton, Sucking insect pests, Population dynamics Heterosis, Combining ability, Egg plant, Specific combining ability, Fruit yield Abelmoschus esculentus (L.), Fym, Neem cake, Poultry manures yield Genetic divergence, Mahalanobi’s D2 statistic, clusters, upland cotton Okra, Insecticides, Bio-pesticides, Efficacy, Economic Osmotic dehydration, Ascorbic acid, pH and solar drying Black gram, Divergence, D2 analysis, Cluster Finger millet, SSR markers, Transferability Bemisia tabaci, Chilli, Biology, Ecdysis, Physical measurement, Nymph, Puparium Cracked tuber, Fertility level, Net income, Return per day, Tuber yield Resistance, Helicoverpa, pod borer, chickpea, Cicer arietinum Attitude, e-Choupal, Farm Communication, Technology Attitude, e-Choupal, Gonda district Boron, Cation and Anion concentration, Electrical Conductivity, RSC, SAR, Water Little Millet, Defatted Soy Flour, Extruded and Blending Pathogen, Mycelial growth, Colony character, Sporulation, Culture media Pea growers, Improved production technology, Technological gap Enzyme activity, Groundnut, Nutrient availability, Zinc solubilizing microorganism Star gooseberry, IBA, Hardwood cutting, Top cutting Performance, Cono-weeder, Paddy, Weeding, Response surface methodology Growth, Seed cum fertilizer drill, Seed rate, Varieties, Wheat, Yield - Rainfall simulator, Nutrient transport, Water quality, Water pollution, Split application of fertilizers Proximate analysis, Cellulose, Hemicellulose, Lignin, Energy density, Reducing sugars Pre-debates, Diabetic retinopathy, bitter gourd, STZ Paddy straw, Hydrolysis, Monosaccharide, Cellulose, Hemicelluloses Biochemical changes, Mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, Wheat grains, Sugar, Protein Entrepreneurship, Vermicomposting, Empowerment, Knowledge Tribe, Traditional, Agriculture, Homestead, Jhum, Social forestry Partial compound growth rate, Prediction models, Production function, Rapeseed-Mustard, Oilseed Sulphur, Soil Series, Soil reaction, Available Nitrogen, Available Phosphorus, Available Potassium Goat, Preantral follicles, Stem cell factor Soybean, Plant growth retardants, Yield contributing character, Foliar application Cabbage, Vermicompost, Yield & uptake of nutrients Survey, symptomatology, Lentil, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lentis, Wilt Socio-economic, Psychological, Communicational, Sesame growers Wheat, Heat, Chlorophyll content, Relative water content, Canopy temperature Land configuration, Irrigation scheduling, Weed management, Yield, Economics Reconnaissance Drought Index, Global warming, Drought, Food security, Hot semi-arid climate, Raichur Nutrient management, Nutritional quality Radish, Sulphur, Yield and quality NAA, Chilli, Fruit drops. Knowledge, Adoption, Tripura and SRI Rice (Oryza sativa L.), GCV, PCV, heritability and genetic advance. Soil reaction, Electrical conductivity, Exchangeable cations and crop yield Wheat, Nutrient uptake, Integrated nutrient management, FYM, Azotobacter, PSB Guava, Phosphorus, Zinc sulphate, Growth, Physical Nonseptic SIRS, Dogs, Incidence rate, Labrador Scale, Utility, Perception, Utility perception, Cattle, Cattle owners Rice, Butachlor, Weed management Knowledge gap, Constraint analysis, Potato cultivation Herbicide, Biochemical, Peroxidase, α-amylase, Alachlor, Maize,Greenhouse On-line users, Constraints, Crop production technologies and suggestion On-line communication services, Farmers, Knowledge & Adoption level and Major crops KVK, Ranital, GIS, GPS, soil fertility maps Constraints, Suggestions, Adoption, Mixed farming, Crop, Livestock, Farmers, Anand Livestock owners, Perception, Scale, Wildlife conflict Sphagnum moss, Rooting media, Air layering, Litchi, Survivability and Profitability DEM, HEC-GeoHMS, HEC-HMS, Hydrologic Modeling, Wan reservoir Mungbean (Vigna radiata), Correlation, Heritability, Variation, Path analysis Organic manure, Fertilizer, Bio-fertilizer, Soybean yield, Soybean stover Diallel analysis, Heterosis, Dominance effect and Castor Genetic variability, Correlation and Path coefficient, Pigeon pea Brucellosis, Caprine, Risk factors, Seroprevalence, I-ELISA Azotobacter, Azospirillium, PSB, Inorganic fertilizers and VAM Infiltrometer, Moisture content, Bulk density, Field capacity. Salinity stress, Chickpea, Paclobutrazol Nutritional status, Tribal school going children Crop insurance, Adoption, Progressive farming system, High value inputs, Wheat, NAIS and WBCIS Bio-degradable, Vermicompost, Vermiwash, Eudrilus eugeniae , Eisenia foetida Genotypic correlation, Path coefficient analysis Aromatic short grain Broken rice, Okara, Extrusion Cooking, Physical properties, Response surface methodology Market Potential, Organic agriculture. Chilli, Pelleting, Quality, Storability Achaea janata L., Biology, Castor Sowing time, Cropping system, Nutrient uptake, Internal nutrient use efficiency, Water use efficiency, Rice Rice, Blast, Resistance, Genetics, Inheritance, Allelic, Molecular Tagging Time Series, Soybean price volatility, Market integration, Causality Leafy vegetables, Ascorbic acid, Steam blanching, Chemical blanching, Microwave blanching, Peroxidase inactivation. Milk production, Milk fat, Feed conversion efficiency, Yeast culture, Crossbred cows Acid lime, Ascorbic acid, Nutrient management, Quality, Vermi-compost, Kagzi, AAU PGPR, Acidity Growth, Nigella, Nitrogen, Quality, Row Spacing, Yield Lying, Bedding, Lameness, Milk, Microorganism Nutrient salt solution, Xylanase, C. cinerea, Wheat bran, Corn cob Sulphur, Forms of sulphur, Bulk density, hydraulic conductivity and available NPK Pheromone, IPM, Scirpophaga incertulas, Paddy Brinjal, Demonstration, Farmers, Field, Front line demonstration, Impact Emamectin Benzoate, Cabbage, Plutella xylostella, Yield, Phytotoxicity Coffee, Tea, Consumption, Heckman, Maximum Likelihood Farmers Efficiency, Agriculture, Mobile, Information, Farming Irrigated farm, Regression coefficient, Gross income, Linear function Tender Coconut, Skilled Tender Coconut Extractor, Marketing Channel, Marketing Cost, Agricultural Produce Market Committee Scented Paddy, FLDs, Economic impact, Adoption, B:C ratio Elephant Apple Powder, Proximate Analysis, Color Values, Texture, High Fiber Biscuit Price Parity, Compound growth rates, Constant prices indices, Price-cost ratios Forecast, ARIMA model, MAPE, ACF, PACF Trends, Arrival, Prices, Pulses, Seasonal fluctuations Sampling, Data Collection, Marketing Channels Tribal Development, Self Help Groups, socio-economic, technology transfer, Awareness Guava, Pruning severity, Non-fruiting shoots, Winter season, High density Linseed, Dates of sowing, Varieties, Thermal requirement, Relative humidity requirement Mango, GA3, Thiourea, Germination percentage, Shoot length Priming cane node, Hot water treatment, Cattle dung, Cattle urine, Urea solution and Sugarcane Biocompost, FYM, Green gram, Grain yield, Maize, Vermicompost Drying kinetics, Aonla (Phyllanthus emblica L.), Mathematical models Cotton, Cotton leaf curl disease, Survey, Percent disease intensity Indigenous rice landraces, genetic purification, in-situ conservation, up-scaling, marketing Eco-friendly, Socio-economic and Knowledge, Cotton Wheat, Genetic Diversity, Resolving Power, Alleles, Microsatellite Marker Variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Correlation, Path analysis Climate change, Impact, Lentil, Temperature and Rainfall, Area and cropping pattern Direct seeded rice, Puddled transplanted rice, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, Scirpophaga incertulas, Nephottetix virescens, Nilaparvata lugens Water auditing, Soil moisture storage, Evapotranspiration, Protective irrigation Heterosis, Nutritional quality, Lysine in protein, Typtophan in protein Pigeon pea, Genetics divergence, D2 statistics Entrepreneurial behavior, Schedule caste Schedule tribe, farmers Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, Rice, Fecundity, Hatchability, Incubation period Plant extract, Ground nut seed beetle, Lantana, Econeem and mustard oil Dairy management, Garrett’s ranking technique, SHGs Self Help Groups, Feeding concentrates, Mineral mixture Effluents, Fertility status, Irrigation quality, Micronutrients content Litchi, Pineapple, Ascorbic acid, Total sugar, Organoleptic quality Input use, Cost structure, Returns, Production and soybean Cashew kernel, Conditioning, Infrared, Properties, Sensory evaluation by fuzzy logic Cumin, ECM, Market Integration, Rajasthan and VAR Weaning, T&D pigs, Body weight, Average daily gain, Feed conversion efficiency CTAB method, DNA extraction, PCR, Rice Multiplex PCR assay, Mixing of primer, Cytochrome b gene, Agarose gel electrophoresis Gerbera jamesonii, Mature embryo culture, Direct and indirect organogenesis, Direct and indirect somatic embryogenesis, Embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration Mango peel, Mango seed kernel, Tomato pomace, Industrial fruit waste, Proximate contents Agroforestry, Biofertilizers, Blackgram, Custard apple, Fertility levels FCV tobacco, Crop, Research impact, Yield, Rate of improvement Forest, Procurement, Marketing, Non-Timber Forest Produces, Tendu. Precision farming, Banana, Cost of Cultivation, Adoption rate Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Ability, Entrepreneurial Economy, Cashew nut Growers, Attributes Refrigerated storage, Amla fruits extract, Seed coat extract, Sensory evaluation, Goat meat patties Physiological disorders, Garlic Growth traits, Production traits, Reproduction traits, Body weight at the birth, Average daily milk yield, Peak yield, Fat percentage, Lactation length, Dry period, Age at puberty, Age at first calving, Service period, Service per conception, Calving interval. Sprouting broccoli, Environmental condition, Polyhouse, Open field, Varieties Eco-friendly farming, Vegetable growers, Adoption dynamics Pigeonpea, Cultivar, Water Stress, Fresh weight, Biochemical Zoonosis, Knowledge, Adoption level, Dairy farmers, Banaskantha Bengaluru, Farmland loss, Peri-urban, Urbanization Backyard goat farm performance, Monitoring data, Farmer Livestock Goat Enterprise Management, Training Okra, Packaging materials, Post-harvest treatment, Storage conditions Shelf life Geographic Information System (GIS), Geostatistical analysis, Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW), Soil Micronutrients Front line Demonstration, Chickpea Growers, Adopters and Non adopters Jhabua rock phosphate, soil moisture regimes, Vertisols, Phosphorus release pattern, Industrial waste Varieties, Green Seeker, STCR, barley, plant height, tillers ear length and yield Myzus persicae, Potato, Thiamethoxam, PVY, PLRV Green gram, Nutrient content and uptake, Maize, Yields Weedy rice, Red rice, Genetic diversity, Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR), genetic relationship Potassium humate, Bio-inoculants, Soil fertility, Enzymatic activity, Microbial population Population dynamics, Pest, Natural enemies Climate, Coastal, Farmer, Fishery, Perception Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advances, Correlation coefficient, Cumin Shelf-life, Storage, Sensory point, House-hold cold storage system, Refrigerated Chickpea, Cutting energy, Cutting force, Specific energy, Harvesting, Threshing Agricultural Extension system, Farmers, Extension workers, Perception, Likert scale G. hirsutum L., Heterosis, Seed cotton yield, Fiber quality Rainfall, Probability Analysis, Rainfall Prediction, Gumbel and Log Normal probability distributions, Root Mean Square Deviation (RMSD) Banana germplasm, moisture stress, Stress recovery, Screening Managerial skills, Krishi Vigyan Kendras, Programme Coordinators Rice, Planting method, Yield, Yield attributes correlation, Weather and agromet indices Participation, Farm women, Rainfed, Agricultural activities, Cause-effect Conservation tillage, Weed control, Rice-wheat-mungbean, Biological properties Genetic variability, Correlation, muskmelon, F6 generation Wild edible plants, Ethnobotany, Meitei, Indigenous Trade creation, Trade diversion, Tariff, Export, Import Bt Cotton, Microbial diversity, Rhizosphere, Soil samples, Crop residues Hippocampus, Memory, Cresyl violet, Neurons, Vanaraja Farm, Rural, Tourism, Employment, Biodiversity Santolina chamaecyparissus, Compositae, Essential oils, Tissue culture micro-propagated plants, Terpenoids Tannery effluent, Domestic Wastewater, Flower Crops, Vigour index Resource Conservation Machinery, Parameters, Tractive Efficiency, Power Delivery Efficiency, Fuel Efficiency, Energy Requirement, Root Profile, Crop Parameter Marketing Efficiency, Wheat, Different Grade, Regulated Markets, Madhya Pradesh Linear Programming, Least Cost Ration Formulation, Dairy, Feed Optimization Government Programs, Labour supply, Food expenditure, Migration, Backward bending, Transaction cost, Leisure, Availability Heat tolerance, Panicle yield, Physiological and biochemical parameters, Pollen viability, Rice and Spikelet fertility Cropping system, Landforms, Soil chemical indicator, Soil physical indicator, Soil quality Chickpea, Phosphorus, Rock phosphate, SSP, VAM, Yield Chickpea, Cicer arietinum, Improved cultivars, Improved technologies, Integrated nutrient management, Integrated pest management, Productivity Chick pea, Pigeon pea, Extension gap, Technological gap, B:C ratio Chatting, Education, Internet Surfing, New Media, Research Scrotal circumference, Correlation, Seminal Traits, Selection Criteria, Breeding rams. Combining Ability, Heterosis, Line X Tester Analysis, Maize, Inbred, Yield, Morphological Traits Farm yard manure, DMP, Husked bay corn, Dehusked baby corn Botanicals, biocontrol agents, growth, in vitro and Rhizoctonia solani f.sp. sasakii Neem leaf powder, Rhizoctonia solani root rot of mungbean, Pathogenicity GARCH, Bandwidth, Cross validation and Kernel Wastewater, Heavy Metal, Tomato and Vertisol Pollen substitute, Diet, Apis cerana indica and Parched redgram flour, Artificial feeding Spray Pattern, Patternator, Nozzle Position and Knapsack Mist Blower Pollen substitute, Diet, Apis cerana indica and Parched Redgram flour, Artificial diet Spray Nozzle, Droplet Spectrum, Knapsack Mist Blower and Droplet Size Rabbit farming, Emerging enterprise, Coccidiosis, Antibiotics, Growth promoter, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Organic acids Probiotic, Economics of feeding, Broiler rabbits, Return over feed cost Stationary power, Least Cost, Electric Motor, Diesel Engine, Cropping System, Madhya Pradesh Nutrient, Mineral, Papaya, Protected, Red Lady 786 Salinity, Acre, Command Area and Soils Constraints, Economical, Institutional, Marketing, Situational, Technological Breeding, Standard Heterosis and per se performance Zoonotic diseases, Control Measures, Anthrax, Leptospirosis, Livestock owners Nutrient management approaches, Site specific nutrient management, Crop productivity, Profitability Culture vessels, Solanum tuberosum L., Micro-propagation, Microtuber and Paclobutrazole Rhizoctonia solani f.sp. sasakii, Fungicides, Antibiotic and in-vitro growth Pre-milking, Teat, Stimulation, Bacteriological Quality, Raw Milk Stochastic frontier analysis, Maximum likelihood estimates, Determinants Toe length, Hoof angle, Inter digital space, Heel, Cattle Sapota, Shelf life, TSS, Quality and Modified atmosphere packaging Banana, CFB, Cold storage, Pre-storage treatments, LDPE and Sodium Hypochlorite Tomato, Wild relatives, GCV, PCV, Correlation and Path Coefficient Combine harvester, Rice Field, Economic evaluation Soil, Nutrient Status, Yield, Sweet Orange Abiotic stress tolerance, Rice, Genetic engineering, Agrobacterium, Gene transformation Chick pea, Genetic Variability, Correlation, Path Analysis Total Mixed Ration, Date palm leaves, Dry matter Self Help Group, Political Empowerment, Gender Equity, Rural Women, Mass Media Exposure, Extension Contact Garlic, Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Allium sativum Radish germplasm lines, Character association, Character contribution, Correlation analysis, Yield components Genetic and non-genetic factors, Mehsana buffaloes, First lactation yield, First test-day yield Cracks, Côte d’Ivoire, Dry rot, Galls, Plant parasitic nematodes, Yam tubers Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Path analysis, Sesamum indicum L Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance as per cent of mean, Rice Nanotechnology, Fortification, Capsulation, Nanoinside Bara tract,Salinity class, Soil health,Water quality Conservation, Mulch, Production efficiency, Productivity, Cropping systems Extrusion Cooking, Physical Properties, Textural Properties, Biochemical Properties Animal fecal, Vermicompost, Partial Decomposition periods Leaf leachate, Tree Species, Vegetable Crops, Germination and Seed Vigour Index Bio-fertilizers, Pigeonpea, Yield, Soil constituent, Nutrient content and uptake Technological Gap, Chickpea, Socio-economic & Communication attributes Hansli, Egg Quality, Haugh Unit, Albumen Index, Correlation Basmati rice, Planting method, Growth indices, Agrometeorological indices Age, Education, Scientific Orientation, Risk Orientation, Extension Contact Economic Constraints, Social Constraints, Technological Constraints, Suggestions Nutrient Management, Vermicompost, Urea Spray, Agronomic efficiency of NPK Planting techniques, Nutrient management, Cloves, Yield Greengram, Seasons, Root characters, Nodulation, PUE, Yield Area, Production, Productivity, Mango, CGR, Multiple Linear Regression Variability, Heritability, Genetic Advance, Correlation Coefficient and Path Coefficient Analysis Potato, Entrepreneurial behavior, Potato growers Mango, Putrescine, Fruit firmness, Shelf life, Spoilage Sedge, Cyperaceae, Morphological variation, Cluster analysis Baby corn, Intercropping, Nitrogen, Yield, Nitrogen uptake, Gross & net returns Tribal women, Profile, Participation, Watershed practices Land Equivalent Ratio, Mango, Intercrop, Blackgram, French bean, Ginger, Maize, Paddy Multi-storied cropping, Ecological balance, Coastal regions and Canopy patterns Inceptisol, IPNS, Nutrient Uptake, Pearl Millet, Soil Fertility and Yield Gerbera, Iron, Interveinal chlorosis, Magnesium Heterorhabditis bacteriophora, Photorhabdus luminescens, Entomopathogenic nematodes, Solid state fermentation Food Grain Productivity, Weather Variables, Climate Trend and Regression Analysis Aspergillus flavus, A. niger, Zea mays, Simpson index of dominance and Shannon-Weaver index of diversity Agroforestry, Bamboo, inorganic carbon (IOC), Organic carbon (OC), Teak Genetic improvement, Variability, Correlation, Path analysis and Niger. Inheritance, Resistance, Cereal cyst nematode, Bread wheat, Gene Water uses’ cooperative society, Resource use efficiency, Participatory irrigation management Marketing, Value Chain, Constraints, Whole Sale Price, Retail Price, Minimum Support Price Economics, Mechanical harvesting, Threshing, Combined harvesters, Constraints Youths, ICTs, Agriculture, Rural, Community Study, Jeevika, Livelihood interventions, Poultry Groundnut, Cropping Systems and Cost and Returns Groundnut, Cropping System and Cobb-Douglas production function Zinc solubilizing bacteria, Quarry powder, Zinc sources, Bacillus aryabhattai, Solubilization Bypass protein, Microbial biomass, Nutrient utilization, Partitioning factor, Rumen metabolites Adaptation, Climate Change¸ Knowledge, Mitigation, Sampling Agricultural labour, Market dependency, Consumption, Public distribution system, Migration, Non-migration Market integration, Co-integration, ADF tests, Pairwise Grangers causality test Sustainable agriculture, Soil physical quality, Soil health and soil functions Direct-indirect effect, Abiotic factors, Population fluctuation, Gram pod borer, H. armigera, Chickpea Fortified bread, Soyabean, Flax seed, Ragiflour Body weight, Sahiwal, Heart girth, Body length, Height at wither Sorghum, High-biomass, Biofuel, Bioethonol, Genetic diversity Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance, Okra & fruit yield Tomato, Respiration rate, Peleg model, Enzyme kinetics, Modeling Market, Market structure, Market concentration, Market performance NPK, Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa), Rechis, Spike Vegetable, Tomato, Knowledge, Production and Technology Designer seeds, Seed Hardening, Seed coating and Rice Greengram, Seed, Time of sowing, Fertilizer levels, Spacing between plants Deblading, Wedge grafting, Psidium guajava L., Lucknow-49 Ginger, Constraints, Adoption, Production and Technology Vermicompost, Panchavgavya, 3G extract, Yield, Snake gourd Pre-milking, Teat, Stimulation, Crossbred, Cattle, Raw milk Entomopathogenic fungi, Metarhizium anisopliae, Pyrilla perpusilla, Sugarcane Hand weeding, Pendimethalin, Imazethapyr, Seed yield, Benefit cost ratio Spacing adjustment, Gear ratio, Hopper, Seed plate, Ground wheel Strawberry, Anthesis, Dehiscence, Flowering, Pollination Biochemical constituents, kharif and summer seasons, sesame and seed composition Soil quality index, Minimum data set, Normalized scoring function Coffee, Marketing, Farmers, Production, Problems Push-pull index, Dealers width and depth, Distributors width and depth Role Perception, Role Performance, ATMA, Farm School Calcium chloride, Green tamarind, Phenyl acetaldehyde, Postharvest quality attributes, Shelf-life Prevalence, Visceral Schistosomosis, Mesentery, Schistosoma spindale, Schistosoma indicum Surti goat, Lingual epithelium, Histogenesis, Fetus, Tongue, Micrometry Bt cotton, Clay loam soil, Sulphur application, Kapas yield, Dry matter accumulation Solar, Biomass, Copra, Coconut Husk, Integrated dryer Mechanical weeding, Manual weeding, Chemical weeding Agricultural Labour, Migration, Remittances, Pattern, Occupation, Utilization, Income, Expenditure Maize, Hybrids, Genotype xEnvironment Interaction, Additive Youth in Farming, Problems, Suggestions Canal Irrigation, Scheduling, Performance Indicators, Equitable Distribution Barriers, Eco-friendly farming practices, Suggestions Allium tuncelianum, Gynogenesis, 2,4-D, BAP Technology transfer, Training, Women entrepreneurs, Adoption, Value addition Climate change, Natural disasters, Policy provisions, Coping mechanisms Guava, Foliar spray, Urea, Zinc sulphate, Plant growth, Fruit yield and quality Attitude, Psychological object, Organic farming, Statements, Test Guava candies, Cooking time, Total Soluble Solids, Carbohydrates, Proteins Ber, Gola, Micronutrients, ZnSO4, MnSO4, Urea and Boron Watershed, Water Retention, Bulk density, EC, pH Farm productivity, Cropping pattern, Cropping intensity Characterization, Population, AMOVA, GenAlEx, PCoA Mustard, Combining ability, lines, testers, GCA, SCA Chrysanthemum, Farm yard manure, Vermicompost, Forest litter and Goat manure Nitrate nutrition, In vitro phase, Sollanum tuberosum, Microtuberisation, Microtuber Brown rice, Head rice, Moisture content, Paddy, Polishing time Sowing dates, Direct seeding, Transplanting, RDF, INM, Sali rice Oxyfluorfen, Pendimethalin, Hand Weeding, Yield, Groundnut Custard apple, ArkaSahan, Off-season, Bio-chemicals, Orthophosphoric Antioxidant enzymes, Mango, Hybrids, Leaf hopper, Phenols, Defense response Correlation Coefficient, F6 generation, Muskmelon Humanure, Pit toilet sludge, Sewage sludge, Maize Mulberry, Soil health, Nutrient Management, Acid soils, Lime Anthesis, Dehiscence, Kiwi, Stigma, Hermaphrodite, Anther Biofertilizer, Economics, Growth, INM, Pearl Millet, Yield Biochemical characters, Carnauba Wax, Growth Substances, Guava, Organoleptic quality, PLW, and Storage Pigeon pea, in vitro fermentation, Gas production, Total mixed ration (TMR) Bt-Cotton, Adoption, Production and Technology Antibiotic, Antimicrobial activity, Aspergillus niger, Mycoflora, Trichoderma viride, Vermicompost Soybean, Adoption behavior, Soybean growers Mungbean, Integrated Crop Management, Seed Yield, Summer, Kharif Pigeon pea, Relative water content, Drought Tolerance Efficiency Balanagar, Custard Apple, Foliar Nutrients, Yield and Yield Contributing Characters Organic, Inorganic, Soybean, Soil health Physical property, Arecanut palm, Arecanut sheath, Animal fodder, Arecanut Indian mangoes, Transitional probabilities, Export, International market, Production, Quality Suckling traits, Calves, Gowth rate, Gir, Cattle Knowledge level, Knowledge gap, Potato cultivation practices Heterosis, Genotypes, Seed yield, Line x Tester, Cajanus cajan L. Millsp Artificial Neural Network, Aquifer, Multilayer Perceptron, Water table fluctuations, GDM back propagation algorithm General combining ability, Specific Combining Ability, Maize, Yield Co-operative factories, Financial Ratio, Performance, Private Factories, Sugar factories Sugar Production, Sugarcane Production, Installed Capacity, Sugar Recovery Maize, Triple Test Cross, Epistasis, Additive Variance, Dominance Variance Climate Change, Interest, Legitimacy, Power, Stakeholders Sugar, Sugarcane, Trend and functional analysis Flat bed, Net returns, Ridges and furrow, Sweet corn, Quality, Yield Combining ability, Cotton, Gene action, Diallel analysis Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV), Yellow mosaic disease, Ridge gourd, Coat protein gene Local rice genotypes, Nitrogen use efficiency, Heritability, Genetic advance and SSR markers Sahiwal, milking intervals, Milk let down time, Milking time, Milk flow rate, Milk production and composition Tillage tool, Moisture content, Unit draft, Performance index, Tool carrier Yield gap, Adoption pattern, Constraints, Soybean Collar rot, Sweet pepper, Bavistin, Eucalyptus globulus Grassroots Innovators, Farmers variety, Pigeon pea, ex-situ, Adoption Chlorantraniliprole, Imazethapyr, Weed Control Efficiency, Yield, B:C ratio Constraints, Adoption, Dairy, Improved, Practices, Severity, Livestock Weeds, Weed control, Blackgram, Integrated weed management Sesame, Variability, Correlation, Path Coefficient Analysis, Yields components Stale seedbed, Weed Control, Tillage, Herbicide Ash gourd, Correlation, Path Analysis, Direct and Indirect Effects, Selection Guava, Variety, Vegetative Growth, Reproductive Growth, Yield TGMS, EGMS, CMS, Temperature, Hybrid and rice Banana, Chemicals, Growth Regulator, Quality, Shelf-life Papaya, Pharmacological properties, Nutritional Value Constraints, Farmers, Adoption and Greenhouse technology Entomopathogenic fungi, Diamondback moth, Bioassays Residual effect, Cumulative effect, Soybean yield, Onion yield, Biochar Transplanting dates, Rice cultivars, spikelet sterility, Grain yield, Temperate conditions, Biological yield Tuberose, Germplasm, Evaluation, Bulb and yield attributes DSR, Economics, Rice, TPR Reference evapotranspiration, Meteorological data, Linear regression Composite index, Agricultural development, Indian states Cows, Holstein Friesian, lactation stage, parity, season Production constraints, Sugarcane, FLD Buying behaviour, Distribution Channels, Fertilizers Genetic Divergence, D2 analysis, Vegeatable Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) Socio-personal and economic profile, Peri-urban, rural, Dairy farmer Cashew, Soil health, Bio-fertilizers, FYM, Organic inputs, Vermicompost Front line demonstration, Extension gap, Technology gap, Technology index, Gomati rice variety Drudgery Reduction, Efficiency, Grain Cleaning Tool Spatial Variability, Soil Properties, Tribal, Shahdol, Central India, Geospatial Tribal sub plan, Participation, Livelihood and programme Subsurface drainage system, Amendments, Saline alkali soil, Soil quality, ESP Water stress, Mulching, Anti-transpirant, Dry matter production, Yield Soybean, intercropping, Sequence cropping, Soil fertility, Potential yield Screening for sample, Microscopy observation, PCR, Drug efficacy Genetic variability, SSR Marker, Spike morphology, F2 population Radish, Genotypes, Morphology, Evaluation, Long White, Uttarakhand Grain storage, Computer program, Design specifications, RCC grain bins, Visual Basic Chilli, Kalipeeth, Back polythene mulch, Straw mulch, Growth, Yield, Economic Pumpkin, Genetic variability, Heritability, Genetic advance Intercropping, Pigeonpea, Soybean, Row proportion, Planting geometry, Growth parameters, Yield attributes and seed yield Financial Performance loan disbursement, Utilization, Repayment of DCCBs Agriculture loan, Loan disbursement, Utilization, Non agriculture loan and overdues Constraints, Suggestion, Summer rice, Adoption and Production technology Rotary cutting mechanism, Collection unit Garlic, Weed, Herbicide, Growth, Yield Crambidae, Cnaphalocrocis, Genitalia, rice, Tamil Nadu Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Antibiotic resistant, Surti Goat, mecA gene Solanum lycopersicum, Thermo tolerance, Variability, Heritability, Genetic advance Rice cultivation methods, Irrigation regimes, Growth parameters, Water stress Maize, Combining ability, GCA, SCA, Temperate Conditions ICTs, Farming, Agriculture, Animal Practices ICT, Accessibility, Constraints and suggestions Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, Rainfall, Relative humidity and Temperature Banana, Osmotic Dehydration, Colour, Texture ELISA, Canine Demodicosis, Demodicosis Vocational training, Dairy farming, Impact analysis, Trainee, Knowledge gain Irrigation regimes, Field tube, Alternate Wetting and Drying, Nitrogen Management Protein Synthesis Modulator, Heat Stress, Total Protein, Triglycerides, Glucose Atrazine, Hand weeding, Phytotoxicity, Oxyflourfen, Post-emergence, Pre-emergence Plutella xylostella, Cauliflower, Newer molecules, Parasitoids Constraints and Fertilizers Chrysanthemum, White Rust, Survey, Monsoon Grafting, Curing, Scion, Epicotyl, Mortality Aerobic rice, Nitrogen levels, Time of application, Yield, Water use efficiency Available phosphorous, Potassium, DTPA- micronutrients, Surface soils, Undulating terrain Extent of Adoption, Groundnut Growers, Groundnut Production Technology Draft, Groundwater fluctuation, Groundwater investigation, Micro-watershed Residue Management, Weed Control, Nutrient Removal, Zero-Till, Wheat Rice, NPK fertilizer, Wheat residue, Protein and Economics Pleurotus djamor, Mushroom, Spawn, Sugars, Supplements, Yield, Glucose Oyster mushrooms, Wheat straw, Paddy straw, Chickpea straw, Pleurotus djamor, Yield Groundnut, growth, instability, export competitiveness, nominal protection coefficient Zucchini, PRSV(Papaya Ring spot Virus), Bioassay, ELISA, PCR, Indexing Varieties, Cutting, Nitrogen, Dual purpose pearl millet Agricultural, Sustainability, Karnataka, Farmers, Organization, Production Biodiversity, Species richness, Species evenness, Shannon diversity index Comparison, Evaluation, Performance, Rotavator, Tractor, Tillage Seed Storage Proteins, Physicochemical properties, Classification, Artificial Neural Network, Machine learning algorithm Composite index, Agricultural development, Special status states of India Herbicides, Hoppers, Leaf Folder, Natural Enemies, Rice, Stem borer Bemisia tabaci, Bt cotton, Population Dynamics, Weather Factors Agricultural credit, Farmers, Borrower and district Agriculture, Buying behaviour, Cumin seeds Mungbean, Knowledge, Production, Technology Osmotic dehydration, Preservation, Fruits, Organoleptic quality, Kruskall-wallis test Tillage, Weed management, Productivity, Energy Analysis Karnal, Marketing information system, Regulated market, Trader Internet, ICT, E-Extension, Extension Personnel Soybean, Genotypes, Plant Population, Growth, Yield Foliar application, Nano ZnS, sunflower, Nutrient dynamics Antagonistic, Mutualistic, Constitutive, Pollination, Carnivorous Sapota varieties, Organoleptic parameters, Sundried slices and storage Grain yield, Stale seedbed technique, Transplanted finger millet, Weed density, Weed control efficiency Whole egg liquid, Chicken cutlets, Physico-chemical parameters, Sensory characteristics Rotavator, Chickpea, Tillage, Yield Attributes Dynamics, Fractions, Sulphur ADF based unit root test, Johansen’s co-integration test, Granger causality test Media package, CD, Rural Women, Vegetables Cultivation, Effectiveness, Empowerment Nano ZnO, Nano hydroxyl apatite, Nano iron, crop plants Gram straw, in vitro, Cattle Character association, Correlation, Path analysis, Solanum melongena L. H.F., Milk Constituents, Somatic Cell Counts, Correlation. Area Under Disease Progress Curve (AUDPC), Genetic variability, Wheat, Spot blotch Gladiolus Genotypes, Morphological Characters Watermelon, var. Kiran, Polyhouse, Open field, Fruit characters Solar tunnel dryer, Drying, Moisture content, Amla Segments, Drying Models Chrysanthemum crop, Drip irrigation, Mulches and Water use efficiency Box myrtle, Myrica nagi, Syrup, Kaafal Gum Arabic, Nano-formulations, Particle size; Postharvest quality, Shelf-life, Zeta potential Additive gene action, Line × tester, Maize, sca effects Guava, CGR, Multiple Linear Regression Colletotrichum chlorophyti, Anthracnose, Distribution, Severity and Safed Musli Bipolaris sorokiniana, Phenylalanine ammonia lyase, Peroxidase, Lignin, Phenols, Resistance Mungbean, Phosphorus and RSC Pumpkin, Correlation, Path analysis, Fruit yield per hectare Citrus, Soil Health, Physico-Chemical, Long Term, Control Site Current, Voltage, Photovoltaic effect, Monocrystalline Photovoltaic module, Power and Tilt angle Soybean, Water diffusivity, Seed hydration and Seed Germination Plant growth regulator, Tomato, GA3, cycocel, NAA Trailing, Trellising, Kniffin, Ridge gourd D. zeae, Host Debris, Soil, Pathogen and survival Spirulina platensis powder, Bread, Supplementation, Organoleptic acceptability, Nutritional Micronutrients, Sapota, and High Density Planting REDD+, Cost-benefit Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis Pomegranate, Viability, Germination, Sucrose Cotton, Adoption, Constraints, Production and Technology Postharvest physiological deterioration, hydrogen cyanide, carotenoids, flavonoids, phenolics, peroxidase and catalase Compost culture, Residue, Sunflower, Urdbean Aloe, Adaptation, Dry matter, Leaf gel, Proline, Temperature, Polysaccharides and Soluble sugars Germplasm, Ginger, Growth and yield evaluation Kari Ishada, TSS, Total Sugars, Titrable Acidity, Shelf Life Germplasm, Ginger, Essential Oil, Oleoresin Content, Dry Recovery Calcium; leaf nutrient status; Potassium and Psidium guajava Green Chilli, Marketing Cost¸ Marketing Channel Guava, Plant Spacing, High Density, Quality, Yield Maize, Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Split Application Cytoplasmic male sterile lines, Fertility Restorers, Hybrids, Pigeonpea Pigeon pea, Adoption Level, Constraints, Integrated Pest Management Practices Safed Musli, Moringa, Intercrop, Yield RULA, Discomfort Scale, Farm Women, Body Posture Rice landraces, Age of seedlings, Growth and physiological parameters Bulb, Bio-Fertilizer, Floral, Growth, Yield Sowing time, Submergence, Flood, Systems of Cultivation, Rice Genotypes Augmented design, Correlation, Direct and Indirect Effects, Groundnut Area, Production, Productivity, Sapota, CGR, Multiple Linear Regression Arabica Plantation Coffee, ARIMA, ANN, Hybrid ARIMA-ANN, Forecasting Markov chain analysis, retention Sahiwal, Milking Frequency, Milking Attributes, Milk Yield, Composition, Cortisol, IgG, IGF-1 Whitefly, MYMV, Agro-climatic zones, Survey, Per cent diseases incidence Neem, Soil Management, Silvicultural Performance, Fine Roots Pumpkin, Pumpkin granulated powder, Pumpkin shreds, Pumpkin seed flour, Instant halwa mix, β-carotene Fungicides, Hexaconazole, Pearl millet, smut, Tolyposporium penicillariae Marketing Cost, Coconut, Marketing channels, Price spread, Raigarh District Chick pea, Light trap, Bio diversity, and Insect Fauna Body weight, Sahiwal calves, body measurements, prediction equation, correlation Jackfruit, Heterozygous, Age of rootstock, Scion, Softwood grafting Plant growth hormones, Nitrogen, Plant density, Leaf area duration, Harvest index, Productivity Grafting, Vigor, Stress, Frazile and Tolerance Fig, Physiological loss in weight, Total sugars, Reducing sugars, Non reducing sugars Okra, correlation, Path coefficient, Direct and indirect effects Performance of engine, Biodiesel, Jatropha Methyl ester, Durability engine test, EMA testing of engine Drying, Asparagus Racemosus, Solar Dryer, Fluidized Bed Dryer, Colour PCV, GCV, Genetic advance, Heritability, Seed and fenugreek Chilli variability, Heritability and genetic advances, Qualitative and quantitative traits Micronutrients, Shelf life and Sapota Insect pests, losses, Rabi, infestation, Cabbage Spirulina platensis powder, Noodles, Supplementation, Organoleptic acceptability, Nutritional quality Magra, Arid Condition, Growth, Greasy fleece yield Capsicum, transplanting date, micronutrient, protected condition and quality Aerobic rice, Drip Irrigation, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Water productivity Turmeric varieties, Growth regulators, Growth and Yield Diethyline triamine pentaacetic acid, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron and boron Biscuits, Cannabis sativa products, Fermentation, Lactic acid bacteria Phorate, Cartap, Biomolecules, Pesticides Performance, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), North Eastern Region, Administrative unit Potassium fixation capacity, Vegetable growing soils Major insect pests, Cabbage, Weather parameters Information and communication technology, Crop management Shoot gallmaker, Succession, Seasonal incidence, Correlation, Weather factor Enrobing, Chevon meat balls, Natural antioxidant, GSE (grape seed extract). Demodicosis, Demodex canis, Prevalence Asteraceae, China aster, Variety, Growth regulator, Foliar spray Mandarin orange, Micronutrients, Foliar spray, Physio-chemical attributes Pani Pipe, AWD, Field Water Pipe, Rice, Water management Newcastle Disease, Newcastle Disease Virus, RT-PCR, F gene and commercial poultry farming Abiotic factors, Mean density, Relative density, Blackgram, Pests Gerbera, Tissue culture, Capitulum, Culture establishment Heterosis, Quality, Bell pepper, Diallel, Ascorbic acid Fig, Physiological loss in weight, Total sugars, Reducing sugars, Non reducing sugars Genetic diversity, Cluster analysis, Pigeonpea Aonla, Guava, Pulp, Leather, Acceptability Kutchi camel, Blood enzymes, Lactation stages, Physiological levels Sewage water, Cropping pattern, Gender implication, Irrigation method Polygalacturonase, Pectin Agar Medium (PAM), zone of hydrolysis Soybean, Genetic diversity, Inter and intra cluster distance Chemical composition, in vitro digestibility, Moisture, Sugarcane bagasse, Urea Fungicides, In vitro, Sheath blight, Rhizoctonia, Management Hybrid selection, Initial screening, QPM, non QPM, Yield and Quality traits Epichloe, Brachypodium, Endophyte, Biodiversity, Iran Cow pea, Phosphorus level, Seed yield and quality Grain weight, Transgressive segregants, Gene effects, Grain number, Quantitative trait Loci Chickpea, Date of sowing, IW:CPE ratio and seed yield Growth, Yield, Nitrogen levels, Spacing, Days after planting Cauliflower, Open pan evaporation (OPE), Drip irrigation, Fertigation, Mulching Mutation, Curcuma longa, Culture filtrate, RAPD, ISSR Glycine max, Mechanical inoculation, P1/P7, PCR, Phyllody, Symptomatic and asymptomatic plant, Test plant and virescence Distribution, Subclinical mastitis, Udder quarters, Crossbred cows Wheat, Combining Ability, Half Diallel, GCA, SCA Guttation, Photothermic indexng, GDD. Sugarcane mechanization, Sugarcane production, Harvesting, Detrashing, Drudgery Mobile phone, Communication, Frequency, Timings Constraints, Participation, Tribal Women, Developmental Programmes Callusing, Induction, Explants Artificial recharge zoning, GIS, Groundwater management; Remote sensing, Water scarcity Mungbean, Fungal pathogens, Incidence, Rhizosphere, isolates Model, Climate change, Insect-pest, Population dynamics Agronomic, Crops, Weed, Chemicals, Effective, PPD, PPT, Approaches Extrusion system, Raw Ingredients, Extruded foods Rice flour (RF), Ashwagandha powder (AP) and Blanched and dried Spinach powder (BDSP), Moisture content, Specific length and water absorption index Tuberisation methods, Solanum tuberosum L., microtuber, in vitro Bio-efficacy, Insecticides, Botanicals, Imidacloprid, Acetamiprid Pre and post harvest treatments, Physiological loss in weight, Fruit firmness Comlizer, Rainfed rice, Integrated weed management, Reduced plant density Leaf area, Nitrogen levels, Spacing, Days after planting, Oil content Pigeonpea, Water logging and Anti-oxidative Mechanism Scented rice, Age, Seedling, Effective tillers, Growth, Yield Reference evapotranspiration, FAO Penman-Monteith (FAO56), Crop evapotranspiration Combining ability, Ridge Gourd, Half diallel, SCA, GCA, Gene action Guava, Correlation analysis, Vegetative growth, Physicochemical Organizational climate, Scientists, Personal and economic characteristics, Perception Constraints, Marketing, Information Flowering, Micronutrients and Fruit Quality Half diallel, Heterosis, Commercial check, hybrid and monoecious Physical properties, Maize, Moisture content, Bulk density, Porosity, True density Chickpea, DSSAT, CROPGRO, Genetic coefficients, Validation Sex expression, GA3, Growth, Ethrel, NAA, Round melon, Yield Photoperiod, Growth Substances, Microtuber, in vitro, Solanum tuberosum Contract farming, Social impact, Health, Management Papaya -Guava Fruit bar, Fortification, Skimmed milk powder, Storage Pearl millet, Contract Farming Oat varieties, Antioxidants, in-vitro digestibility, Dietary fibre Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System, Land Use, Land Cover Host plants, Food, Consumption, Utilization, S. litura Mulch, Irrigation regimes, Irrigation intervals, WUE and Water productivity Attitude, Adoption, Mechanization, Motivational factors and Paddy growers Water table fluctuation, groundwater trend, groundwater over exploitation, Pre-Post Monsoon, Soil texture Correlation and path coefficient, Tomato, Variability Food security, Socio-economic Analysis Orange flesh sweet potato, Plant growth regulators, Root tuber Yield, Varieties, and Vegetative characters Growth Regulators, Potato, Microtuber, Storage Effect, Dormancy Brucellosis, Zoonosis, Small ruminants, Seroprevalence Selection index, Correlation, Relative efficiency, Grain yield, Aerobic rice Pulses, Price, North Gujarat Bacterial leaf spot, Bio-efficacy, Biological agents, Different chemicals, in vitro, X. campestris pv. viticola Rice, Normal and delay transplanting, GCV, PCV, Correlation, Direct and indirect effects Decomposition, Leaf litter, Tropical dry deciduous, Tropical moist deciduous Upland rice, Drought, Physiological traits, Direct and indirect selection parameters Bt-Cotton, Association, Production and Technology Green revolution, Punjab, Sustainable agriculture, Mechanisation of farms, Soil and air pollution, Female labor force participation Biochar, Vertisol, Maize, Yield, Sugar industry wastes, Nutrient uptake and Soil Fertility Sesamum, Date of sowing, Seed yield and oil content Starch phosphorylase, Primer designing, Vigna Sinensis Groundnut, yield, Sulphur, Sources, Levels, Content, uptake, micro nutrient Diclosulam, Preplant, Herbicides, Nodulation, Crude Protein Trend, Integration, Seasonal Variation, Market, Gram Zinc, Iron, Amaranth Linseed, Powdery Mildew, Leveillula taurica, fungicides Genotypes, spacing, fertilizer level, yield and yield parameters, and economics Pigeonpea, Heterosis, Hybrids and Diallel analysis Consumption pattern, Consumer behaviour, Gir milk marketing Morphological traits, Yield components, Tolerance indices, Percent reduction over control (% ROC), Correlation Rose, Powdery mildew, Bupirimate, Management Yield gap, Existing yield, Potential yield, Constraints, Moth bean, Nagaur Okra, Correlation, Path analysis Vermicompost, Farm yard manure, Crop yield, Fertility, Macro mineral Maize, LCO, Torque, Root growth, Chlorophyll Drip Irrigation, Surface irrigation, Water Productivity and rabi maize Sweet corn, Fertility levels, Varieties, Nutrient uptake, Soil fertility Banana, Organic, Integrated nutrient management, Sustainable crop production, Soil fertility ATMA, Convergence, Process flow, Reform, Extension services Fish, Consumer requirement, Dioxins, Heavy metals, Fisheries management Biochemical characters, LDPE bags, organoleptic quality, Storage, Cricket Ball Remote Sensing, GIS, Crop Map, Crop Classification Antioxidative enzyme, Groundnut, Reserve mobilization, Salinity stress, Seed priming Ground water recharge, Water fluctuation method, GIS Heritability, Traits, Blackgram Carrot cubes, Blanching, Hot water, Steam, Effects Maize, Development Rate, Pre-anthesis period and Post-anthesis period Front Line Demonstration, Groundnut, Yield, Net return and BC ratio Genetic diversity, chickpea, variability White rot, Soft rot, Decay fungi, Fungal degradation Additives, Oxidative stress, Kankrej bull, Cryopreservation IRDP, TRYSEM Hybrid Rice, Genetic variability& Quality Jute, Fibre, Seed drill Indigenous technological knowledge, climate change, plant protection, chemical pesticides Osmotic dehydration, Biochemical parameters, Physical parameters, thickness, concentration, RSM KVK, Profile, North Eastern Region, Beneficiary Poultry, IB virus, viral RNA, RT-PCR, RT-LAMP Thermal Power Plant, Fly ash, Agricultural production, Fertilizer application, Cultivation cost Potato varieties, developed method, elite seed, in vitro, technology, production Soil moisture sensor, Red soil, Field capacity, Resistivity, Electrical conductivity Microwave-Assisted Extraction, Pineapple waste, Response surface methodology Bromelain, Meat Tenderization Market Arrival, Potato, Price Fluctuation, Variability, West Bengal Coconuts, Solar Tunnel Dryer, Moisture, Drying Rate, Automatic Control System Bollgard-II, Cry toxins, length and width, S. litura Lawn Mower, Mulching Blade, Flat Cutting Blade, Grass Cutting, Field Efficiency Rice, Rainfed, Genetic Variability, Genetic Advance, Correlation and Path Co-Efficient Attitude, Public private partnership, and Okra growers Germplasm, landraces, finger millet, foxtail millet, pearl millet, little millet and small millets Dual toxin Bt cotton, Migration, S. litura Vermicompost, Worms, Humus, Soil, Micronutrient Micronutrients, Foliar spray, Gibberellic acid, Maleic hydrazide, Polyhouse Anthropometric measurement, Nutritional status, IQ level, Adolescent Groundnut, Pod storage, Kernel storage, Ambient, Cold storage, Modified atmospheric storage Water scarcity, Rainfall Analysis Mushroom soup, Warri, Pickles nutritional quality, Storage, Sensory quality Photosynthesis, Water-use efficiency, Chlorophyll, Carotenoid content Rice, Oryza sativa, transplanting time, grain quality, head rice recovery, chalkiness Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), Dissolved Oxygen (D.O), Sodium Absorption Ratio, Magnesium Hazard (MH), Alkalinity, pH Sorghum, Breeding, Lysine, Amino-acid and Seed Deformation, Compressive Force, Moisture Content, Loading Rate, Heating Time Clear plastic mulch, Vermi-compost, Mustard oilcake, Trichoderma viride, Meloidogyne incognita, Tomato Banana powder, flowability time, solubility, hygroscopicity, degree of caking Cluster bean, fertility level, row spacing, genotype Salinity, anti-oxidative enzymes, catalase, superoxide dismutase, resistance Salinity, Evapotranspiration, Crop yield, Crop coefficient, Growth stages Bhendi, YVMV, FSB, Hybrids, Resistance Consumption pattern, monthly per capita expenditure, value of output, production diversification, high-value commodities, consumption elasticity Market power, Competitiveness, Residual demand, Egypt, Bean Moisture Stress, Chlorophyll stability index, Biochar, Cotton SoilCone Index, Bulk Density, Moisture Content and Traction Demonstration, Economic, Gap analysis, Grain Yields, Wheat Aquifer, Recharge, Infiltration, Geomorphology, Drainage density, Lineament. Permeability, Porosity Rice, High temperature, Genetic divergence, Global warming, Climate change Natural suckling, Artificial rearing, Surti buffalo Calves, Somatic cell count (SCC) and Postpartum estrous interval Perception, Climate change, Adaptation, Mitigation Crop Husbandry Practices, Diseases, Management, Pests, Vegetables Drip irrigation, Saline water, Root zone, Soil Salt Distribution, Bhendi Soil erosion, Slope length factor, SRTM, ASTER, SCA, CSL Saline water, drip irrigation, Bhendi, root parameters, Rootzone Lab, Stability, AMMI, Biplot, Yield Cassava setts, Moisture content, Coefficient of friction Bhendi, Drip Irrigation, Yield, Saline water, Frequency SRI paddy yield, IAMWARM CPPU, Muskmelon Fruit, Quality, Fruit setting Gladiolus cv. Novalux, Organic manures, Biofertilizers, Yield and quality parameters Crystallinity, Glycemic Index, Soaking, Starch, Steaming Greengram, Nutrient uptake, Plant geometry, Protein and seed priming Alternaria alternata, apple, botanicals, bio-agents, core rot, fungicides Adoption level, agricultural technologies, rice crop, Warli Tribal farmers Preference pattern, Agrowon daily readers, Ratnagiri District Auxins, Clonal multiplication, Multipurpose tree, Plus trees, Tassar silk Bitter Gourd NPK, Vermicompost, Bio-fertilizers, Nutrient uptake Market, Market structure, Market concentration, Market conduct and Market performance Best management practices, averting inputs, dairy and poultry Time, Severity, Growth, Yield, Quality, Mulberry Helicoverpa armigera, insecticides, wheat Antioxidants, Seasonal variation, Surti goats, Temperature humidity index Chickpea, pea-shaped RILs, genetic variability and diversity Azotobacter, Cauliflower, Quality, Curd, Nutrient uptake Turmeric, Screening, Meloidogyne incognita. Resistance, Susceptible Rice, landraces, Karnataka, exploration Reference Evapotranspiration, FAO Penman Montieth Method, Crop Wat, Pan Evaporation Method Seedling tray, Media, Protected structure, Quality seedling production Coffee plants, Climate change pattern, Gas exchange parameters, Mitigation strategies, Mono shade, Vegetative growth Adoption, Calf rearing, Housing, Milking, Scientific management practices Soil properties, Cassava, Available nutrients, Rewa Gladiolus, gamma rays, Plant height, leaf abnormalities, leaf length and survival rate Constraints and Agribusiness Manual transplanter, single row, vegetable seedlings, ridges, mulch bed Co-integration, Causality, Barley, ECM, ADF Infiltration, Infiltration rate, Spatial variation Clusterbean, INM, Vermicompost, PSB and Rhizobium Air assisted sprayer, Hydraulic nozzle, Pesticide, Spray deposition Agronomic efficiency, Chlorophyll meter (SPAD meter), Leaf-colour chart (LCC), Recovery efficiency, Total nitrogen uptake, Wheat, Yield Field evaluation, Resistance, Horsegram yellow mosaic virus (HgYMV), Biological transmission, White fly Kankrej bull, Cryopreservation, Additives, AST and ALT Sweet Gourd, Kakrol, Growth regulators, Quality, Yield Production, Vegetable, Nutrition, Effect, Phytochemicals Capsicum, Firmness Packaging, PLW, Shelf life Hydrogel sizes, metering mechanism, application rate, hydrogel applicator Climate, Change, Quality, Vegetable, Production Agro-climatic zones, Area specific mineral mixture, Serum enzymes, Serum protein Solar dryer, Temperature, Relative humidity Drudgery, farm women, socio economic variables, communicational variables, communicational variables Gender differential, Role performance, Farming, Rural Women, Performance Level Trend & Growth, Small millets, Decomposition of Small Millets Economic Evaluation, Farm, Seed production Bio NPK Consortium, Compost, Drilled rabi fennel, INM, Vermi compost Natural resources, sustainability, water conservation, production, stability Sheep, Helminth, Haematology, Biochemical Awareness, Utilization, Communication, Personal localite, Personal cosmopolite Chandrasur, Lepidium sativum, Agroforestry, Intercropping, Vermicompost, FYM, organic manure, medicinal crop Border irrigation, depth of irrigation, flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, water productivity Women empowerment, farm women, decision making, agriculture Interaction effect, grain moisture content, sealing type, grain protectants, Sitophilus oryzae L., milled rice, costal climate Parasite spectrum, occurrence, gastrointestinal parasites, Sheep & Goats Papaya ringspot virus, Coat Protein, Aphids, papaya management, Seaweed Subsurface drainage, Waterlogging, Physical Properties, Chemical Properties, Nutrient Availability Black gram, plant height, NPK, grain yield Soil Analysis, Electrical conductivity (EC), pH, Organic carbon (OC), Phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). mako, P. lagascae, genotypes, characters GA3, GA3 Tablet, Bioefficacy, Manik Chaman Grapes Maize, Sowing, Ergonomics, Digital Human Modeling (DHM), Virtual Ergonomics (VE), Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), RULA Heavy metal, fish farm, pollution Problems, Arunachal Pradesh, Agriculture Officer Trichoderma, Rhizoctonia bataticola, mycelium growth, Inhibition percentage Repeat breeding, Endometritis, Turmeric, Immunomodolatory and Therapeutic Turmeric, Variety, CO2, Micronutrient, IISR micronutrient Problems, Technical, Financial, Respondents, and Cold Storages Weed-flora, Weed density, Post-emergence, Maize, Yield FLD, KVK, Profile of respondents, Farm Science Centre, Adoption Tomato, Grafting, Rootstock, Scion, Bacterial wilt, Protected Cultivation. Labour, Mechanized, Net gain, Seed-cum-fertilizer drill, Yield Dehydration, dry flower, eco-friendly Sandy Soils, Soil amendments, Aquasorb, Hydraulic conductivity Osmotic dehydration, Water loss, Solid gain, Weight reduction, Fig fruit Uterine prolapse, Buffalo, epidural anaesthesia, Calcium borogluconate Trend, area, production, productivity, oilseed, crops Rural youth, Farming, Decision making activities Mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV), Coat protein, Detection, Characterization, Phylogenetic analysis, Nucleotide sequence identity, Amino acid identity cryopreservation, fertility, genetic resources, N-methylacetamide, rooster, semen Age group, Correlation, Education, Job performance, Job satisfaction, RAEOs, Transfer of technology Sugarcane, Intercrop, Economics, Groundnut and Planting geometry Dill, NPK, Vermi-compost, Azotobacter, PSB Nutrient management practices, Heliconia, stress electrical properties, banana, frequency, ripening stages, relative permittivity Role Performance, Characteristics of Panchayat Leaders and Multiple Regression Analysis Glutinous rice, adoption, package of practices, Assam biochar, pyrolysis, carbon sequestration, response surface Sulphur, Boron, Garlic, Growth and yield Pleurotus flabellatus, P. florida, P. sajor, biological efficiency, supplementation Correlation, path analysis, F5 families Plantago ovata, seed yield, Correlation coefficient Pigeonpea, Pod borer, Braconhebator, Parasitization Child health, Immunization, Knowledge, and Women Broiler Chicken, L-Arginine, Serological Parameters, Serum Protein Potato, Fertilizer, Nutrient Management, Growth, Productivity Water Productivity, Cropping intensity, pressurized irrigation, Surface irrigation, Water saving, Canal Command Area Rice long non-coding RNA, Computational analysis, Motifs, Repeats Fixed cost, Variable cost, Output and returns, Cost-benefit ratio Jasmonic acid, salicylic acid, root length, vigour index, Na+/K+ ratio, blackgram Trichocard, tomato, yield, economics Adolescence, School, Social, Peer Group, Environment & Competency Drip irrigation, fertigation and water use efficiency Pusa Narangi Gainda, Marigold, Azotobacter, PSB, RDF, Organic manures, Vegetative attributes and Floral attributes Temperature, Phenology, Sowing date, Vegetative days, Grain yield Okra, perse performance, Combining Ability, Heterosis. Ear head bug, Grain, Resistant, Susceptible, Variety Cross pollination, hand pollination, selfing by bagging, open pollination, fruit malformation Biology, Duration, Measurement of instars, Life cycle, Stored wheat Rotary blade, Torque, Power, Specific tilling energy, Soil bin Harvesting, Income, Livelihood, NTFP, Tribes Bovine digesta, Tannery effluent, physicochemical properties, Heavy metal, Bioremediation Adoption pattern, Pomegranate farmers, risk orientation, Extension participation, information seeking ability Cassava, Gemini viruses, ICMV, Multiplex PCR, SLCMV Zero tillage, Conventional tillage, production function, Haryana Chickpea seed growers, Knowledge level, Zero order correlation, Multiple regression compatibility, Fungicides, Trichoderma, Fusarium udum, Inhibition Ruminant, Feed Additives, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes Arsenic, concentration, grain arsenic, rice cultivars, tolerance Broiler chicken, L-arginine, Lipogenic gene expression, RT-PCR, Adipose tissue Sugarcane, water stress, germination, stomatal frequency, cane yield, Chlorophyll content Planting geometry, Fertility levels, Genotypes, Growth, Yield parameters Export Performance, Compound growth rate, Coppock’s instability index, Markov Chain Analysis Capacitance, banana, frequency, voltage divider circuit, ripening stages Probability transition matrix, Markov chain analysis Garlic flower, Scape Association, drip irrigation system (DIS), knowledge level marine fisheries, regulations, policy effectiveness Information and Communication Technology, Utilization, constraints, suggestions, strategy, road ma, strengthening ICT utilization, State Agricultural Universities Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Growth and Yield Antioxidant, Biofilm, Hydrolysate, WPC, WVTR Intercrops, sugar cane, cucurbits, yield, economic Okra, Abelmoschus esculentus, Weed, Herbicide, Pendimethalin, Oxyfluorfen, Imazethapyr, Quizalofop Western Haryana, Buffalo, Housing, Management. Area, Production, Yield, Pulse crop, Economic Zone Natural rubber, Kasargod, Multinomial logistic regression, Area shift Banana, food security, micropropagation, shoots proliferation, rooting Insect management, Indigenous methods, residue free Organic, Perception, Awareness level Basmati rice, lopping, potassium, growth and yield Mango, Salicylic acid, Silicic acid, Potassium silicate, TSS, shelf life Extrusion industry, technical, investment analysis, profit, Break even analysis Post harvest Management, Storage, ZECC, Physiological loss in weight Value addition, Tomato Pickle Radhsh, fertility levels, NPK, yield, fiber content, B:C ratio Education, fodder area, garrett’s ranking, social status, zone Tomato, Organic agriculture, Natural enemies, Ecological engineering, Agro ecosystem analysis, whiteflies Sesame, Heterosis, Heterobeltiosis Standard heterosis water, solar radiation, solar still, collector, design of solar still Empowerment, Farmwomen, Income, Food, Nutrition, Save, Account Fruits and vegetables processing, slicing, slicing machines Information and Communication Technology, Attitude, Summated rating scale, Agricultural Education Aerobic rice, integrated weed management, herbicides Level of role performance, Agriculture Technology and Management Agency (ATMA), Extension reform Chilli, Emamectin benzoate, Flubendiamide, Spodoptera litura, Spinosad Silkworm pupae, Supplementary feed, Fingerling, Rohu Assessment, integrated nutrient management, vermicompost, bio- fertilizer, rabi maize Hybrid rice, genetic variability, yield improvement, character association, path coefficient analysis Fish consumption, consumption expenditure, preference of marine fish varieties Groundnut, FYM, RDF, Zinc, Iron Enhancement, mineral content Micronutrient deficiency, rice and zinc mKisan, Portal, Advisory, ICT Pumpkin genotypes evaluation, earliness, pumpkin leaf area, leaf area index and yield Potassium and zinc solubilizing bacteria, potassium alumino silicate Millet flour, sprouted soybean, extrusion, microwave puffing, RTE snack Poverty, self-help group, Uttarakhand, women empowerment rice, panicle, fauna, diversity, guild Allium cepa L., acephate, chromosomal aberrations, pesticide, genetic damage GCA, Heterosis, line × tester, maize, SCA Buffalo, Clinical Mastitis, Culture method, Antibiotic susceptibility test, Treatment Power unit, Winnowing, Mower, Centrifugal pump Red rice, Cooking quality, Scanning electron Microscope and Nutritional rice Pumpkin, Profitability, Production Technology, Frontline Demonstrations, Technology gap, Extension gap, Technology index, Net return Goat, Preantral follicles, Leptin Information needs, farmers, information sources, reliability of information Fig, fig leather, leather packaging, leather storage, chemical analysis, sensory parameters, yeast and mould count, cost of production Sweet potato, Cylas formicarius, Weevil infestation, Genotype Paddy, Sulfoxaflor, Brown plant hopper, Nilaparvatha lugens, yield Date of planting, Genotypes, Productivity, Tuberyield Clomiphene citrate, cow, heifer, anestrus Contract farming, Agricultural production, linkage Furrow Irrigation, Plastic Mulching, Resource Conservation, Water Use Efficiency and Yield Rice cultivation, Rice yield, SOBARI, Weed control Chaff cutter, Grinder, Frame rabi sorghum, Multidate AWiFS satellite images Plant geometry, Nutrition, Quality, Processing cultivars, tomato, fertigation Adoption, Attitude, Animal Husbandry, Farm Women Rice, Root characters, System of establishment, Tillering, Yield Foliar, Nutrient, flower, Yield, Varieties, Anacardium occidentale L Genotype x environment interaction, germplasm, salinity, yield, rice Kharif maize, Bacterial stalk rot Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, RWC, Genetic diversity, Dendrogram, SSR analysis Western Ghats, Mushroom, ITS, Molecular identification, Genus Termitomyces Rainfall, Variability, Trend analysis and Crop planning Utilization pattern, crop loan and Ex-post facto Frontline demonstrations, improved variety, Mustard Polygonatum verticillatum, Ayurveda, Indigenous medicines, Astavarga, Ethnomedicine Bt cotton, Technical Efficiency, Seed Production, Non-Conventional area, Conventional area Plant pathogen, Symptoms, Disease management Cucurbits demonstrations, Cucurbits productivity and profitability, Technology gap analysis Weed, Tomato Soybean crop, improved bakhar, seed cum fertilizer drill, Dora Root system, soil density, soil management Ordinal Logistic Regression Model, Ordinal Logistic Regression Model, Attributing, Classification and Significant Agmark Net, Middle-men, Marketing channels Tomato, planting geometry, nutrition, fruit yield, processing cultivars exploratory factor analysis, production, KMO test, Barlett test, varimax rotation method, marketing and processing constraints Environment, Livestock, Mobile app, Mitigation, Adaptation, Perception Level Upstream bund, Downstream bund, Side stream bund, Standing water, Weed control, Groundwater recharge Bell pepper, emasculation, pollination hybrid, male sterility, grafting Growth parameters, Yield attributes and Yield Fishery Cooperative Societies, SHGs, Fishermen groups, fish production, Production cast, Gross and net return input-output ratio Sclerotium rolfsii, organic amendments, Per cent growth inhibition Line x Tester, Combining ability, Gene action and Rice Diallel, gene action, tomato, Inheritance, yield, quality Ivy gourd, genotypes, high yielding, promising Breeding Crops, Micronutrient Malnutrition, Anemia, Bioavailability, Zinc Iron Agricultural legislation, Awareness Coconut, stem wilt, sunhemp, Pseudomonas fluorescens & Trichoderma viride Growing degree days (GDD), Heat units, Calendar days, Thermal days Rice, Boron, Growth, Yield, Economics HD-3059, yield gap, performance and adoption Mutton, Chicken, Household, Income Wild fruit, Processing, Value addition, Preserve Cost, Return, Production, Clusterbean Hand operated maize sheller, Machine capacity, Shelling efficiency, maize thresher Mustard, Orobanche, Copper sulphate, Neem cake, Pyrezusulphuron Callosobruchus chinensis, Chickpea, Biology Quality Traits, Pumpkin, β-Carotene Date of sowing, Crop seasonal rainfall, Crop growing period, Groundnut equivalent yield, Rainwater use efficiency, Gross returns, Benefit-cost ratio Water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms., lead, heavy metal removal Essential Oils, Anti-Oxidant, DPPH, TFC, TPC Value Chain, Shallot, Marketing, Lowland Area Distribution, Marketing, Channel, inputs, Retailing Ferros sulphate, Zinc sulphate, Groundnut, Pod yield Urea, Boron, Acid Lime and 2,4-D Nanotechnology, Nano-Food, Nanostructures, Biosensors Tomato, PKM-1, micronutrients, growth and yield Bacterial strain, Azatobactor, Rhizobium, IAA production, PGPR, Biofertilizer Gamma irradiation, EMS, Double leaf, Semi dwarf and Anthocyan in pigment Fodder, Nutrition, Crop residues, Crop landraces Effect, Physico-chemical, Cashew juice, Edible juice Didymella blight, Meteorological factors, Ridge gourd Chilli, fertigation, water-soluble fertilizers, mulching, pungency Guava, Papaya, Mixed fruit leather, Pulp ratio, Colour, Flavour, Texture, Economy, B:C Ratio Agricultural Educational Institutes, E-Resources, Socio-Personal Profile Watermelon varieties, land condition Mangifera indica, polyamines, putrescine, spermidine, shelf life Date of sowing, Nitrogen, Plant Height, Dry Matter, Crop Growth Rate Spike length, Grain yield and biological yield Aerobic Rice, Plant growth, Yield and yield attributes Farmwomen, Drudgery Reducing Implements, Awareness on drudgery, SHGs Garlic, sowing dates, sulphur content, bulb yield, cloves Breeding value, Best linear unbiased prediction, Genetic trend, Munjal sheep, Rank correlation Training Needs, Selected Vocations, Rural Young Girls Lentil, Productivity, Profitability, Seed Priming, Rainfed, Urea, Yield Farmers field school, chickpea management practices, Knowledge level Biomass, biochar, bio-oil, pyrolysis, proximate and ultimate analysis Tribes, Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK), coffee, Documentation, Rationality, Awareness, Adoption Negative draft, Overexploitation, Recharge, Water harvesting Microalgae, Biodiesel, Transesterification, Integrated approach, Tubular photobioreactors Natural fertilizer, sweet lime peel, banana peel, backyard composting Nano-fertilizer, Nano-technology, Nutrient use efficiency, Nutrient management Agriculture extension, Transfer of technology, Rural development, Community radio, Participatory communication, Participation and agricultural information Inter-cropping, sweetcorn, leafy vegetables, paired row planting Potassium fixation, Potassium release, K, Step K and Constant K Evaluation, Cashew apple, Cashew Varieties, TSS, Juice Thrips palmi, Bud necrosis virus, insect transmission Gravity irrigation, Pressurised irrigation, Jhansi minor, Canal water, Ground water, Tube well Crop water requirement, Canal command system, Irrigation schedule, Water allocation plan READY, Perception Sugarcane trash, urea, in vitro, gas production NICRA, Success point, KVK, Flood, Innovative, Progressive, Impact Area, Production¸ Productivity, Compound Growth Rate, Rapeseed and Mustard Pea, Adoption behaviour Indian bean, Phosphorus, biofertilizers, pod yield, semiarid regions Chickpea, Sclerotium rolfsii, biocontrol potential, Trichoderma Attitude; dairying, constraints, feed practices, breeding, disease control Energy, source wise energy, operation wise energy, economic viability Cost and Return, Benefit Cost ratio, System of Rice intensification, Cost of production, Cost of Cultivation Length, Width, Concavity, Diameter of holes, Centre to centre distance of holes, Rake angle Cashew, lepidoteran insects, abiotic factors, climatic factors, weather parameters Efficacy, Organic, Synthetic pesticide, Mealy bug Crop residues, Biochar, Soil carbon sequestration, Climate change mitigation, Waste management Drainage Coefficient, Crop growth and yield, Agro-climatic Condition Ultrasound, Color Doppler, Perineural, Perivascular, Brachial plexus, Xylocaine, Sensory blocks, Motor block, Calves little millet, kutki grains, milk, dairy product Bulblets, Cocopeat, Perlite and Vermiculite ANOVA, physico-chemical parameters INM, FYM, Vermicompost, Cabbage, Head compactness, Moisture content FDI, Food processing, WPI, Exports, Labor productivity, Agricultural sector Livestock, food and nutrition, methane, externalities, poverty, feed conversion ratio Blackgram, D2, analysis, genetic diversity and cluster Survey, Acid lime, Plant parasitic nematodes, Tylenchulus, Nellore(dt) Collar rot, Chickpea, Fungicides, Integrated disease management, Sclerotium rolfsii, Trichoderma viride Participatory Variety Selection, PVS, Salt stress, Paddy, Farmer Demonstration, economics, gap analysis, grain yields, wheat Soybean, Root rot, Rhizoctonia solani, Trichoderma viride Rice, PCV, GCV, Genetic advance Maize, Potato, STCR, FYM, Fertilizer Recommendations, Ready Reckoner Postpartum anestrus, Mineral mixture, PGF2α, Cyclicity, Buffalo, Progesterone Cow products, Heterodera zeae, butter milk, cow milk, and cow urine Wound healing, Full-thickness wounds, Salix acmophylla, Gross examination, Wound morphometry, Histomorphological study, Rabbits Onion, Front Line Demonstration, Extension gap, Technology gap, Technology index Relationship, Independent variables, Job Satisfaction Nicobari farmers, Developmental programmes, Knowledge, Adoption, Ex post facto Empowerment, Vocational Training, Skill development, Rural Women, Knowledge Level B. juncea, Genetic variability, Correlation, Heritability Tomato, Plant growth regulators, Micronutrients, Chlorophyll and Retention Pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera, Chickpea/Pigeon pea genotypes, Survival and Development Aonal, Drip, Mulches, Soil, Fungi, Bacteria, Earthworm Evaluation, Hybrids, Pumpkin, Generation, Diallel Pyricularia grisea, Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis, Dendrogram, Similarity Degree Vegetables, Tomato, Brinjal, Cabbage, Cauliflower Vegetable production, kitchen gardening, Mamit District, Mizoram vegetables price, constraint in vegetable cultivation Potato equivalent yield, Farm yard manure, Benefit cost ratio, potato-ground nut, organic production Maize, yield, nitrogen, FYM and Azotobactor Makhana, Insect pest, Management, Productivity Plant extracts, Acaricidal activity, Sheep ticks Drip irrigation, Fertigation, Water productivity, Aerobic rice Crop Geometry, Grain yield Non- conventional, TMR, growth, digestibility, nutrient balance, Weaner lambs Lesion nematode, Pratylenchus sp,, P. pinophilum, T. harzianum, T. viride, Crisosparium sp. (T), Crisosporium sp. (R), F. moniliforme, Cladosporium sp. and A. alternata Goat, Fetus, Teeth, Development, Radiography Weed, Integrated weed management, Economics Bonneville, Garden pea, Growth, Yield Heavy metals, Distribution coefficient, Competitive adsorption, CEC, Organic carbon Diversity index, Crop Diversification. Cropping pattern, Cropping shift, Agro-climatic zones Chemical properties, Lime, Pea-okra sequence, Physical properties, Vermicompost Dryland, Technology, Adoption Index, Major crops, Andhra Pradesh Fish flesh, Chicken cutlets, Refrigeration temperature, Sensory characteristics Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Bacterial Colony Count, Copper, Zinc 5% Aqueous extract, 5% Ethanolic extract Leaf blast, Percent disease severity, Pyricularia grisea Perception, ATMA, Extension Personnel, Reliability and Validity, correlation Fishermens cooperative society, performance, perception, participation, benefits, Tripura Antagonists, eco-friendly, disease management, buckeye rot, biological control agents Kale, organic manure, fertilizers, yield, growth ZnO embedded Nanopackaging, LDPE packaging, Zinc oxide nano particles, Nagpur mandarin, refrigerated storage, microbial stability Growth rates, Major pulses, Area, Production and Productivity Climate change, crop duration, crop yield, temperature, wheat Savings, investments, behavior & livelihood Pigeonpea, Leaf water potential (LWP)¸ Drought, Cajanus cajan Phasphorus, Sulphur, Zypsum, Nitrogen Sesame, stability, regression coefficient, G x E interaction, regression from deviation Turkey, glucose, HDL cholesterol, uric acid, creatinine Soil organic carbon, Water soluble carbon, Labile carbon, Total organic carbon, Dehydrogenase activity, Carbon management index Front Line Demonstration, Fennel technologies and farmers practices Callosobruchus chinensis, Preference ,oviposition, Chickpea varieties Group of experiments, Initial data analysis, Exploratory data analysis, Error variance and Pooled analysis of variance Barley, Nitrogen levels, Plant growth regulators, Grain yield and economics Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), Rainfall forecasting, Sensitivity Analysis Tomato, collar rot, Sclerotium rolfsii, Sustainable Management Agro climatic zone, Clusterbean Front Line Demonstration, Potato, High Yielding Variety, Recommended Practices, Farmers Practice Garlic, INM, quality, vermicompost and yield Direct seeded rice, frontline demonstrations, improved variety, gap analysis, economics, aerobic rice Assam Hill goat, Beetal, Crossbred, Artificial Insemination, semen, Doe, Buck Nitrogen, Potash, Okra Rice, wheat, yield, improved method, traditional method, demonstration, grain and straw Perception, Integrated Farming System, Resources Commercial dairy farm, Personal characteristic, Socio economic characteristic, Economics of milk production Variability, Heritability, Genetic Advance Relative Water Content, Proline, Pusa hydrogel Groundnut, Rainfall distribution Demand-supply, ARIMA, Population, Production Pomegranate, organogenesis¸ embryogenesis, silver nitrate, BAP Feed intake, water intake, calves Improved diggers, light weight, digging efficiency, physical damage Triazophos toxicity, White Leghorn Cockerels, lymphocyte stimulation test, delayed test of hypersensitivity, Total immunoglobulin Mungbean, Leafhopper, Podborers and insecticides Soybean, Packaging materials, Storage period, Seed quality characters Long staple cotton, resource use efficiency, Cobb-Douglas production function, returns to scale, MVP Turmeric, Nitrogen, Potassium, Growth, Yield Niger, variety, topping, seed yield, economics Niger, variety, topping, seed yield, economics Cabbage, Drip irrigation, Saline water, Yield Feeding, Breeding, Health care and management and clean milk production practices Associated red and black pedons, Clay mineralogy, Sand mineralogy Climate change, ornamental plants, landscape gardening, floriculture Sahiwal Cattle, Non-genetic factors, Milk Yield, Milk Constituents traits Neem coated urea(NCU), District, Tikamgarh, Farmers Germinability, Onion, Seed & Seedling Protein Climate change, Perception, Mitigation, Effects, Dryland Climate change, Perception, Mitigation, Effects, Dryland Turkey, Electrolyte, Diagnostic enzyme profile, Mizoram Chrysanthemum, flowering, GA3, short day planting conditions Community analysis, Prominence value, Population density, Fallow soil, Desiccation, Plant parasitic nematodes Coffee, Adoption, Constrains, Organic Farming practices Strawberry pulp, preservation, anthocyanin, antioxidant, phenol FDI, Retailing, Awareness, Perception, Attitude CGR, Descriptive statistics, ADF test, Johnsan test, spot price and futures price, long run relationship Biomass Briquettes, Calorific value, Sawdust, Cow dung, Dry leaves Blue beetle, Resistant, Susceptible Gossypium, picking stage, seed quality, seed priming, seed germination, seedling dry weight Populus deltoides, height and diameter shoot length, root length, fresh seedling weight MGNREGS, employment, man days, job cards, marginal farmer Agriculture, Crops, Animals bioinformatics, Tools, Genomics, proteomics, metagenomics, Animals, Fisheries and Databases Coconut, youth, training, knowledge, skill Crop insurance, performance, NAIS, North East India, AIC, claims paid, farmers benefitted Vegetable, Medicines, Nyctalopia, Antioxidants, Laxative, Healing, anthelmintic, haemorrhoids, haemoptysis and splenitis Boron, deficiency, rice, panicle sterility and yield Growth regulators, Phosphorus Management, PSB, VAM, Fenugreek Onion, Seedling, Age of seedling, grade wise yield Cotton germplasm, Ginning outturn, Gossypium hirsutum, Yield Exclusion zone, hydrophilic, liquid crystal, structured water Late blight, potato, fungicide, Phytophthora infestans Pseudomonas fluorescens, Antagonistic, Biocontrol, Antimicrobial agents, Phytopathogenic fungi, 2, 4-DAPG, PGPR Hybrid, Effective tillers, BLB, Blast Genetic polymorphism, Draught cattle, Insulin-like growth factor 1 gene, Non-coding region Tomato, Drip irrigation, Fertigation, WUE,FUE Integrated Pest management, Yield, Net return, Employment Generation Socio-economic profile, Dairy farmers, Schedule, Resource Landfill, MSW, Methane emission, IPCC IPM paddy, non-IPM paddy, EIQ, pesticides cost, awareness, heath problems Growth, INM, Wheat, Pearl millet, Azotobacter, PSB and RDF Genetic variability, PCV, GCV, Heritability, Genetic Advance, Wheat WJ-MSCs, blood cells, caprine, nanotoxicity, stem cells BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen), Condensed tannin, Oak leaves, Serum F2 generation, Heterosis Efficacy, Insecticide mixtures, Leaf eating caterpillar Training effectiveness, PMKVY, Effectiveness of PMKVY, Motivation to Learn Yard long bean, Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis, hybridization, pod set, pollen viability Cost of cultivation, Production, Resource allocation, Gross and Net income chemo-types, cluster, correlation, genotypic variance, heritability Calcium-propionate, dietary organic acids, dietary treatments, egg quality, laying hens and sodium butyrate Socio-Economic status; onion farmers; Maharashtra; Nashik Socio-economic, Pulses Farmers, Telangana, Mahabubnagar Seed yield, Herbicides, Pre-emergence, Post-emergence, weed Haematology, Serum biochemical, Neonatal piglet Crop damage, Wildlife management, Agriculture development, Agriculture disaster management Role satisfaction, Role stress, Working & Non-working, Self & Family variables Pear, Cuttings, Apical, Basal, Sub-apical, Patharnakh, Survival, Rooting, Sprouting Carrot, FLDs, Productivity and Profitability Precipitation Concentration Index, Parambikulam Aliyar basin, Monthly distribution, Mann Kendal Analysis Aphids, Whitefly, Insect, Population, Control, Leaves, Screening, Potato Psychological, Communication, Questionnaire, Ex-Post Facto, Aspiration, Achievement Motivation Blue pine, Diplodia pinea, Kashmir, Needle blight, Perpetuation Ginning outturn percent, heterosis, Gossypium hirsutum, Hybrids Black pepper, Varieties, Evaluation, Yield, Spike, Berries Water, Quality, Broilers Model, COTTAM, Validation, Sowing date, Orientation, Planting method Adoption, Rose growers, Socio-economic Characteristics Sheath blight resistance, Percent of disease severity, Segregation populations, Gene effects, Epistasis, Rice, Grain yield, Amylase content Livofloxacin, Septaout, Gynitus and Endometritic repeat breeder cows Biophytum reinwardtii, accessions, field variability, genetic variability Histochemistry, Gastro-intestinal tract and Rabbit Correlated response, harvest index, relative selection efficiency Agribusiness, Food processing Industry Wheat, Humic acid and FYM Knowledge, Banana growers Biomass Briquettes, Sawdust, Cow dung, Dry leaves B:C ratio, improved mango varieties, net returns, total cost APMC Market, Farm product Adolescent girls, Anaemia, Iron deficiency, Nutritional status, Rural area, Anthropometry Weed, Weed index, Integrated weed management, Economics Handloom, Weaver, Work environment, Occupational health issues, Fatigue relief measures In situ rainwater conservation practices, pigeonpea, water use efficiency Information and Communication Technology, Environmental Ethics, Sustainable development Sheath blight resistance, Percent of disease severity, Segregation populations, Gene effects, Epistasis, Rice, Grain Yield, Amylase content Biological activity, Antifeedant, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Plutella xylostella, Pieris brassicae, Podophyllotoxin, Podophyllum hexandrum Plant spacing, Nutrition, Rainfed sesame OFT, IFS, components, B:C ratio, Man-Days, Fish based, Duck, Pulse, Vegetables Class-IV lands, tree based farming system, Agri-Horti agroforestry system Agro waste, Biodegradation, Mango peel, Pectinases, Isolation, Screening, Microorganisms ICT, Adoption, Crop, Farmers Blackgram, Correlation, Path analysis Rice, SRI, Variety Weed management, Drum seeder, Paddy cum dhaincha seeder, Wet-seeded rice Coffee, Soil fertility, Major nutrient, Secondary nutrient, Micronutrient Pig, Weaning, Plasma, Biochemical Analytes Organic, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, peas, food quality GIS, Land evaluation, Soil mapping units, soil suitability Sowing method, Weed Management Practices, Variety, Pearlmillet and economics ATMA Programme, Knowledge, Improved Soybean Production Technology, Demonstration, Farmers training and Beneficiaries China aster, GA3, NAA and MH Prosopis cineraria, Ailanthus excelsa, Block plantation, Litterfall and Decomposition Cowpea, Iron, SAR, pH, EC, Chlorophyll, Nodule index Vegetable transplanter, Age of seedlings, Types of bed, Cost of operation, Field efficiency Rice, Drought, Silicon, Membrane stability, Plant water status, Osmotic potential, Grain yield Seed health, Pea, Physical methods Frontline demonstrations, Improved variety, Blackgram Mulberry, mulberry silkworm, multivoltine races, rearing performance Users, Non Users, Organic Fertilizers Bt cotton, weedicide, weed control, seed cotton yield Availability, Accessibility, Information and Communication Technology, Krishi Vigyan Kendra Nutritional security, Nutrition education, Food belief, Vulnerable section, Immunization Agri-information, respondents, agri-climatic zones, print media, leaflets Watershed Programme, Village Community Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank, Impact, Socio-Economic Status, Agriculture Development, Significant Mungbean, GCV, PCV, Heritability and Genetic Advance Maize, Yield, Potash Mobilizing Bacteria, Recommended Dose of Potash Refrigeration, vapor compression, photovoltaic, solar refrigeration and vaccine preservation Okra, E. vittella, Shoot and Fruit borer, Seasonal Incidence and Junagadh Soil morphology, Soil genesis and classification, Taxonomy Sugarcane, cane seed, bud chip, 3 tier system, nucleus, breeder seed Finger millet, Non-hierarchial Euclidean cluster analysis, divergence Non-destructive method, pomegranate genotypes, regression model Paddy, drip-fertigation, DSR, TRP Masala mix, masala bread, sensory evaluation, texture, storage study Ethrel, CCC, GA3, Reproductive character Postharvest, Benzyl adenine, banana, Physical, sensory properties Small farmers, Constraints Soil Management, Physical and chemical properties of soil, erosion, ravine, soil dispersion, soil structure Genetic Variability, Correlation, Path analysis, Rice hybrids, Genetic advance, Heritability Aloe vera, Feed intake, Crossbred Calf, Parasitic load Black pepper, Pollination and fertilization Red rice, Nutrients management Hurdle Technology, Pulsed electric field, Ohmic heating, Microbial reduction, Voltage gradient Artemia cysts, Salinity, Brine shrimp Agro-climatic zone, Horticultural Interventions, Doubling of farmers income, Strategic action plan for U.P., Income through Horticultural crops Village Level Entrepreneurs, Common Services Centres, Services, Skills, Knowledge, training, customers Common bean, Biochemical traits, Iron, Zinc Pulses, Growth Rate, Exponential function, Instability, Cuddy Della Valle Index Spontaneous Pneumothorax, Chippiparai dog, Thoracocentesis, Atelectasis, Oxygen therapy Amylose Content, Physicochemical characteristics, Cooking parameters, Traditional rice cultivars and Landraces Azolla meal, feed intake, feed conversion efficiency (FCR), Vanraja Poultry bird Knowledge, Adoption, Tapioca growers, Recommended Technologies Marigold, Minimum Tillage, Mulching, Cropping System, Rice Equivalent Yield Knowledge, Sugarcane cultivation, Relationship of Sugarcane growers Literacy level, Land Ownership, Fuel Expenditure, Housing Conditions Diversification, Herfindahl- Hirschman Index, Kinked model, Linear restriction, Discontinuity Atresia ani, Imperforate anus, Female kid, Vagino-urethral orifice, Embryological anomaly Sunflower, Imidachloprid, Yield, Biocontrol agents Sorghum, Priority inputs, Full package of practices, Thinning, Grain yield, Net returns Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, cashew women worker, body pain, cashew processing Copper, Zinc, Cattle, Mineral Cotton, drought tolerance, heritability, genetic evaluation, genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV), phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) Common bean, Yield Traits, Correlation Supplementation, Cockerel, Ambiplex, Metazyme, Protexin, Meat Chemical fertilizer, FYM Agro Ecosystem Analysis, Ecological Engineering, Pigeon pea, sustainable agriculture Solid carrier, NPK, Pseudomonas, FYM, Rhizobacteria, Organic farming, Phosphate solubilization, Indole Acetic Acid, Siderophore Selenium, Nano selenium¸ Organic Selenium, Carcass yield, Drip loss Fine straw, power consumption, spike thickness, output capacity, threshing efficiency Soil organic matter, Organic manures, Rhizodeposition Association measures, Clustering methods, PCA Dyed cotton fabrics, Surfactant, Laundering SSNM, STCR, Fertilizers, French bean, target yield etc Persistency of milk yield, Jersey, H.F, Crossbreds, Local cattle Zovawk, Harderian gland, Mizo Local Pig Content and Uptake, P and K solubilizers, Finger millet, Grain and Straw, Levels of P and K Maize production system, Drudgery, Body discomfort and postures Agro-advisories, Percent usability, Weather forecast Kernel, Compete, Density, Nutrients, Suppress, weeds, climatic Body length, Chest girth, Height at withers, Feed intake, Feed efficiency Market potential, Awareness, Fungicide, Tomato Milk, Cost, Cows & buffalo Menopause, management techniques, working women and non working women Adoption, Cabbage, Diglipur, Technologies, cauliflower Constraints, Wetland, Garden-land, Rain-fed, Stakeholders Over wintering, colony built up, honey store, colony strength Livelihood Security, Women Headed Households, Family Farming and Snow Ball Technique Water harvesting, Runoff potential, SCS curve number command area, WUCS, tail-end, transaction cost, enforcement cost Hydroponic Structure, Shade net, Automization, Trays, Nutrient Content Maize, Rhizoctonia solani, Virulence diversity, Ragi Decision making, tribal, dairy enterprise Drip, Mulching N, P, K, Ca. & Mg Domestic resource cost, Mushroom, Paddy straw, Domestic Resource Cost, Chhattisgarh Farming systems, financial and market transactions Enhance crops production, appropriate technology and natural resource management food, nutritional, climate change, rural income, global price Crossbreed cattle, Genetic correlations, Heritability, Hardhenu cattle Sodicity, Growth, Soil properties, Eucalyptus Yellow mosaic disease, Soybean, whitefly, Begomovirus Yellow mosaic disease, Soybean, whitefly, Survey Small ruminants, Spatiotemporal changes, Economic viability, and sustainability Elevation, Grasslands, Himalayas, Land use systems, Silvipasture Food rationing, Feeding, Growth, Development, Silkworm, Cocoon Cultivar, diseases, pest, production technology, small cardamom Inputs used, productivity, variable costs, waterlogging, waterlogged area in Punjab Arunachal Pradesh, Citrus, Sweet orange, Tasi Technical efficiency, Allocative efficiency, Stochastic Frontier Production, Maximum Likelihood Estimates, Return to Scale Tomato production, Cost of cultivation, Prices, Profit, Net returns, Season Honey, Beekeeping, Apiculture, Doubling Farmers’ Income, Honey cooperatives Mechanization, Credit, Farm power land resource characterization, soil resource mapping, Farm planning Climate change, CO2 enrichment, C4 photosynthesis, Antioxidative enzymes Agriculture Education, Co-curriculum, doubling income Dairy, Personal, Economic, Communication, Constraints, Garrett Seed quality, Seed Storage, Kernel, Variability, Heritability, Genetic advance Absolute density, Frequency percentage, Red and lateritic belt, Rice, Weedy rice Hybrid rice, Standard heterosis, Grain yield AKPS, information needs, ICTs Bispyribac sodium herbicide, weed, rice Cashew, Molecular Marker, ISSR, Genetic variation Shallot, Supply Chain, Model Behavior, System Dynamics, Partnership Casava, tapioca farmers, yield gap Reconstructive surgery, Automobile accidents Agriculture, Decision, Farm Management, Farm Women, Home Management Developmental time, Mealy bug, Cotton, Tobacco, Pumpkin, Congress grass, Kanski (kangi booti) Sorghum, Genotypes, Ear head bugs, Ear head worms, Yield, Population, Susceptible Heterosis, Inbreeding depression, Barley, Grain yield, Timely sown Annual chrysanthemum, pinching, transplanting, yield Soybean, Weed management, land Configuration and productivity Integrated Farming System, Doubling Farm Income, Sustainable Farming Groundnut, Millets, Intercropping Phosphorus, Zinc, Nodulation Broilers, Age, Rearing system, Blood, Biochemical analytes Costs, Returns, Input use Follicles, Hormones, Buffaloes, Ultrasound, Anestrous Companion animals, Health, Behaviour, Wellbeing farm size category, fixed cost, variable cost, milk price, returns, dairy enterprise profit fragmentation, scatteredness Supply chain, Oyster mushroom¸ Market efficiency, Chhattisgarh ARIMA, Seasonal indices, Price forecasting Conoweeding, Rice production, Weed management Stochastic time series model, Autoregressive (AR) models Self Help Groups, Nagaland, Kruskal-Wallis, Performance, Women Agro chemicals, Health hazards, Personal protective measure CashewVar-VRI-2, Different levels of Nutrients, Intercrops ICAR-ICRP-VC Bhendi hybrid entries (IET, AVT-I and AVT-II), growth, Yield Broccoli, Heads, Shrink, Vacuum Capsicum, Cold Storage Constraints, Kendall's W technique, Organic Fertilizers Fertilizer, Fertigation technologies Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, Herbaspirillum seropedicae, Sweet corn Cashew Var-VRI-2, Different levels of nutrients and growth regulators Broiler, Mulberry leaf meal, Multienzyme, Growth performance Research design, Coconut farming Genetic Variability, Khirni genotypes Seed village, Women farmers, Vegetable seeds, Production Helicoverpa, male moth, correlation Construction of models, Hierarchical polynomial regression models, Forward selection method, Backward elimination method, Regression Models Profitability, Cost of Cultivation, constraints of brinjal cultivation, per acre output Broilers, L-Valine, Carcass Parameters, Immunity, Serum Biochemicals On Farm trials, Scirpophoga incerulas, New molecules, Improved variety, Rice Velocity measurement, Canal discharge, Current meter Net irrigated area, Markov Chain analysis, Water resources Minimum tillage, Zero tillage, Crop residues, Conservation agriculture Draught ability of Buffaloes, Physiological parameters, Body temperature, Respiration rate, Pulse rate, Fatigue Farmers innovations, Animal husbandry, Plant-protection, Post-harvest, Crop production Indigenous technical knowledge, Scientific Rationale, Awareness and Adoption Vermicompost, FYM, Neem cake, Poultry manure, Cowpea, Growth, Yield Acid lime, Foliar Application, Fruit Retention, Fruit Drop Mango Seed kernel, Starch yield and purity, Ash and Residual content Meiteis, Water Mimosa, Ethnic food, Nutrition, Medicine Brinjal, Plant Growth Regulator, Growth, Fruit yield MGNREGA, Income, Expenditure, Assets, Ri- Bhoi Crop water productivity, Water use efficiency, Aqua Crop, Bitter gourd, crop evapotranspiration Diversification, cropping sequence, Rice equivalently yield, land use efficiency, Production efficiency and relative economic efficiency Teak, carbon sequestration, organic manure, green manure Organic sources, inorganic sources, N content, P content, K content and rice crop Soybean Yield gap, technology gap, Economics Finger millet, high yielding early maturing variety, yield attributing characters Spatial variation of seasonal rainfall and monsoon duration Paddy production technology and constraints Field crops, Sustainability, Ecosystem, Cost benefit, Linkages Sugarcane, Mosaic, Molecular Characterization, ELISA electron microscopy Intercropping, Pearlmillet, Weed management, Herbicides Ophiorrhiza mungos, Camptothecin, Topotecan, In vitro propagation, DNA topoisomerase I Arsenic, Catalase, Chlorophyll pigment, Germination, Lipid peroxidation, Net photosynthesis, Relative water content Bioorganics, Biofertilizers, Chemical fertilizers, Growth, Yield and Quality Carrot, Correlation, Association Wheat crop, area, production, productivity, scenario, decadal- growth Mango peel, Pomace, Additives, Citric acid, Packaging material, B carotene Tenebrionidae, Coleoptera, Fauna, Kolar, Chikkaballapura, Karmataka Sowing dates, Varieties, Phenophase, GDD, Heat use efficiency Brackish water, filter, media, EC, pH, irrigation Broiler, Hedge Lucerne leaf meal, growth performance, FCR Sorghum, variability, heritability, Correlation, Path analysis Plant diseases, shape features, neural network, image classification Cost, Returns, Kinnow, Diesel, Rajasthan INM, In-situ green manuring, RDF, tuber yield, quality Cluster bean, Variability, Correlation, Path analysis Biofertilizers, Drought, Fungi inoculation Rainfall, temperature, trend analysis, spatial and temporal dependence Heavy metal contaminated soil, Chelators, Complexation, Micronutrient, Fertilizer, Phytoremediation Copromicroscopy, Prevalence, gastro intestinal parasites, Cat Genetic analysis, Summer season, Blackgram Abelmoschus esculentus L, Pest of okra, Earias vitella Clove, Seedling, Vermicompost, Propagation media, Sand, Soil, Coco Peat and Tricoderma viridae Agro meteorological forecast, Monsoon, validation, Skill score Water loss, personal water usage, water scarcity, water audit Rice blast, Percent disease incidence Cost, Milk productivity, Returns Crossbred, FSHB, SNP, cattle Mango, Pretreatment, Osmotic agent, Dehydration Okra, Cost of cultivation, Input-output ratio, Profitable Date of planting, Phenophases, Panicle initiation, 50 % flowering, Physiological maturity Rainfall Groundnut, Regression Coefficients Mungbean, Genetic parameters, Morpho-Physiological traits INM, Nutrients, Okra Cultivars, Large cardamom, Propagation, Suckers, Varieties GST, likert scale, one sample t test Thermal indices, Growing Degree days, Helio Thermal Units, Photo Thermal Units Calcium, Potassium, Psidium guajava Babesia, Theileria, Kashmir Valley, Occurrence Trend, comparative analysis, regulated market, wholesalers Maize hybrid, Parental line UMI 1230, Seed treatment, Storage container, Germination, Vigour Buffalo, Fetal maldisposition, Dystocia, Dorso-pubic position Aonla, Ayurveda, Antioxidant, diabetics, vitamin C Hybrid rice, Tribes, Costs and returns, Income, Equity, Distribution Sunflower, Chemical weed management, Pre emergence herbicide, Post emergence herbicide ICT tools, Students and Staffs, Teaching, Learning, Extent of Utilization of ICT Tools Brassinolide, Indole acetic acid, Indian mustard, Integrated nutrient management, Residue recycling Blackgram, Storage container, Botanicals, Sea weed, Nanao particles, Moisture, Germination, Electrical conductivity, Dehydrogenase activity Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, Smart Agriculture, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Sensors, Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Network Burrowing nematode, black pepper, Trichoderma harzianum, P. lilacinum Yield gap, Constraints, Blackgram, Package of practice. Labour, High cost, and Farmers field Hydrellia philippina, Fipronil, CAU-R1, RC-MANI-PHOU-11 Infiltration, Infiltration rate, Accumulated infiltration, Water Quality, Tillage Watermelon, Theri land, organic amendments, inorganic fertilizers, growth and yield Capsicum, Reference Evapotranspiration, Crop Evapotranspiration, Shade Net House, Insect Net House, Irrigation Schedule Kisan Credit Card, Farmers, Economic motivation, Risk orientation, Level of satisfaction Soil fertility status, Puri district, Coastal Odisha Financial inclusion, Financial services, Banking, Radio programme Economics, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Bt, GTHH-49 Desiccated coconut powder, Market channels, Constraints Life cycle, Luffa cylindrica, Meloidogyne incognita, root knot nematode, sponge gourd Jackfruit, insect pests, Diaphania, seasonal incidence, damage, correlations D2 statistics, Agro-morphology, Divergence, Cluster Agricultural research, Attitude towards research, Quality research, Scientists Agriculture- industry linkage, economic development, regional Entrepreneurship, socio-economic development Price forecasting, Seasonal adjusted ARIMA Market linkages, Johnson co-integration, Granger Causality Alternative crop, Quinova, C:B ratio, Monitory returns and barons Cashew, positions of seed sowing, gravity position, notch side up, notch side down, stalk end up, stalk end down Groundnut, Climate change, Sowing date, Nitrogen levels, Productivity FYM, Poultry manure, Goat manure, Intercropping, Productivity, Babycorn Anthropometric data, Body dimensions, Female workers, Strength parameter Black pepper, Plant parasitic nematodes, Chikkamagalur, Radopholus similis Brand preference, Brand awareness, Buying behavior and Cumin seeds Tomato, Biopriming, PGPR, Seed germination and vigour index Spodoptera litura, biopesticides, lucerne Soil fertility, pH, nitrogen content ragi, marginal value product, marginal factor cost Alfisol, Hybrid Sunflower, Seed yield, Available nutrients and Economics Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector Machine, Root Mean Square Errors, Mean Absolute Percentage Errors and prediction Connecting Dreams Foundation, Non-profit organization, Effectiveness, Entrepreneurship Zinc, parental polymorphism, SSR, Pigeonpea Knowledge, Turmeric growers, Improved cultivation practices, Mulching Out-migration, economics of milk production, marketed surplus, migrant member household, linear regression analysis Fly ash (FA), Farm yard manure (FYM), Recommended dose (RD), True protein, Albumin, Globulin, Prolamin, Glutelin Line x tester, Combining ability, Gene action, R-lines, Pearl millet Conservation agriculture, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Rapeseed, Reduced tillage, Integrated nutrient management Ice-Cream, Momos, Bacterial Load, Spc Yield and yield contributing characters, Stress tolerance indices Agriculture, Behaviour, Communication, Farmer, Information Academic, Agricultural, Extension, Teacher Livestock sector, Cattle Ultrasonic extraction, Pomegranate peel, Phenolic, Flavonoid compounds Total factor productivity, Malmquist Index, Efficiency change, Technical change Drying models, Cashew seed drying, Postharvest Quality, Soil floor, Solar house drier, Fine Sand floor, Cement floor, Cow dung plastered foor Murrah buffalo, Veterinary clinics Fruit drop, growth regulators, Fruit yield Alocasia, Vegetables, Arthritis, Promising food Dilated cardiomyopathy, Labrador, Echocardiography, Colour flow Doppler, Pimobendan SWOT analysis, Coconut production R. emodi, gamma radiation, doses, seed germination, GA3 Arsenic, Phosphate, Nitrate, Sulphate, Rice Milk fever, Anionic diet, Dystocia, Retention of placenta, Adoption Akkadi, Intercropping, Dryspell, Conservation furrow, Rain Water Use Efficiency Cost, Returns, Tea, Tea garden Aphid infestation, Host resistance, Nutrient deterioration, Quality parameters, Wheat grains Underutilesed plants, malnutrition, Kachari, Jaal, Kair, Jhari Ber Paddy cultivation, Drum seeder, Adoption Front line demonstration, Soybean, Technology, Yield, Oil seed Ashwagandha, Kalmegh, Broilers, Growth, Immunity Women, Man, Drudgery Mungbean, Foliar spray, Nutrient, Growth regulator, Yield, Seed quality Internet, Banking, Involvement Blackgram, Seed priming, Spirulina platensis extract, Seed quality Vegetables, Nagpur, Prices, Arrivals, CGR, Instability Rancidity, Fatty acids, Vitamin-E, Shelf life Sustainable, Agriculture, Micro irrigation, Drip, Sprinkler, Success stories, Onion, Wheat Bovine population, Milk production, Growth patterns, Instability index SHG, DNY-NRLM, Women, Impact Strawberry, Growth, Leaf Nutrient, Physiological characters Pollen development, Male sterility, Pollen sterility, TGMS rice, Plant growth regulator INM, Nutrient uptake, Quality, Economics Beauveria bassiana, Plant protection chemicals, Poisoned food technique Brassinolide, Crude protein, Dry matter accumulation, Indole acetic acid, Seed oil content Mestha production, Knowledge about recommended practices, Adoption behaviour, Srikakulam district Rice based cropping system, Rural women, Constraint, Opportunity Allelopathy, Blackgram, Growth and weed control efficiency Onion, Alternaria, Salicylic acid and Systemic Acquired Resistance Dairy farm women, Socio-economic change, Veterinary Extension, Rural, Rajkot Buffalo, Mineral mixture, Milk yield, Supplementation Air Layered plant, IBA, Bio-fertilizer, Chlorophyll Index, Guava Gastrotomy, Stomach and Golden Retriever Bell pepper, Fruit yield, Integrated nutrient management, Pelleting Microbial diversity, pre-sowing and post-harvesting stage Groundnut, Front Line Demonstration (FLD), Yield, Net return and BC ratio Onion, STCR, Zinc, Boron, Growth, Bulb yield Crop establishment, Nitrogen management, Organic, Pea, Relay cropping, Scented rice Shade net, Chrysanthemum Plant, Mulching Paper, LDPE, Shade net Farm women, Participation, Agricultural activities Cropping pattern, CADA and command area Castor, Constraints, Farmers, Marketing Problems Solar Energy, Solar Water Heater Bell pepper, Genetic divergence, transgressive segregants DSR, Decision support tools, Economics, Grain yield, Nitrogen management Menopause, mean menopausal age, working women and non-working women Breeding practices, Natural mating, Artificial insemination, Selected bull Elevated CO2, Cowpea, Growth, Open Top Chambers Germination, ANOVA, Hot water treatment Front line demonstration, rain fed areas Chickpea, Deep ploughing, Seed treatment Plant protease inhibitors, Spodoptera mauritia, Areca triandra (Roxb), Abelmoschus manihot (L) Sheep penning, Sheep Manure, Gross Returns, Benefit-Cost Ratio, Rainwater Use Efficiency, Sustainability Yield Index, Groundnut Cost of cultivation, Resource use efficiency, Allocative efficiency, Returns to scale Marketing Pattern, Commercial Crops, Totgar’s Co-operative Sales Society, Taluk’s Agriculture Produce Marketing Co-operative Society Farm women, Constraints, Participation, Agricultural activities Wheat ear, Loose smut, Artificial inoculation Corm, Cut spike, Floret, Spike length, Gladiolus Seed development, Tagetes seeds, On-set of germination, Physiological maturity, Harvest maturity, Total oil in seeds Onion, deficit irrigation, crop coefficient (Kc), yield response factor (Ky), crop water use Turmeric genotypes, Characterization, DUS characters, Maximum yield per plot, Dry recovery percentage Climate change, Community-based adaptation Green revolution, Community radio Wheat straw, Output capacity, Threshing efficiency, Spike thickness, Tip diameter, Fine straw Muga culture, Traditional practice, Improved technology Milk, Processing, Product mix, Markov chain, Retention Spices seed extractor, ajwain, extraction efficiency Entrepreneurial behavior, Kiwifruit growers BA, Ethrel, Gibberellic Acid, Gladiolus, Thiourea Chilli, Cultivars, Growth, Yield Costus pictus, South and Central America, South India, Five different location, Protein, Ascorbic acid, Tannins, Total phenol and Corosolic acid Mungbean, RSC water, Zinc sources and Yield Economic performance, Sericulture, Innovativeness, Depreciation Socio-economic character, Education Status, Sex Ratio, Cropping Pattern Daffodil, Azatobacter, Vermiculite Lilium Hybrids, Growth Parameters, Open Field Conditions Agro-climatic, Hassan, Sheep, Socio-economic Correlation, Path analysis, Strawberry, Variability Ferns, Western Ghats, Potted plants Hybrid lines, Grain yield, Drought susceptibility index Drought, Seed priming, Microbial inoculants, Growth, Yield Arsenic, Education, Irrigation, Perception Wheat, Seed, Enhancement, Tillage, Vigour Kagzi lime, Post-harvest Physical losses, Economical losses, B-C ratio Protected fat, Mineral mixture feeding, Milk quality and quantity Beneficiaries, Non-beneficiaries, Climate Resilient, Cropping pattern, KVK Body measurements, Body weight, Correlation Frontline, Bengal gram, Technology, Yields Compound Growth Rate, Coffee Production, Coffee Productivity, Area under Coffee, Coffee Board Sub surface, Drip fertigation, Sugarcane yield, Water use efficiency Composite index, growing Developmental indicators, Socio-economic development, PCA, Cluster analysis INM, Yield, Onion, Biofertilizer Fluidised bed, Drying, Mint, Modelling Humans, Olfaction, Porcines, Vomeronasal Organ FDI, Financial inclusion, Inclusive growth, PMJDY, Social exclusion Agricultural commodities, Competitiveness, Specialization, Revealed Comparative Advantage, Balassa Index Kerala, Marketing efficiency, Natural rubber, Price spread ANFIS, Hybrid neural network, Fuzzy Prediction Model, rice, disease severity Agriculture, FDI, Globalization, Liberalization and Trade Seed Vigour, Field Emergence, Field Emergence Index Low cost greenhouse, Terrace land, Productivity, North-West Himalaya Growth, Muskmelon, Shadenet Quality and Yield Automatic, Irrigation, Valve, Sensor Mulberry, Micronutrients, Biofertilizers, Physiological parameters Total factor productivity, Output index, Input index, Productivity Medicinal plants, Tribes, Mysore, traditional knowledge Sorghum, Green fodder, Dry matter, Fertilizer levels and economics Eroded vally, soil morphology, cropping system, Korku, Melghat Cluster frontline demonstration, Chickpea crop Alternaria solani, integrated management, Percent growth inhibition Alternaria solani, Sporulation, Bio-agents Perception, Groundnut, Pest Perception, Groundnut, Pest Cotton ginning, garret’s ranking, constraint analysis Maternal, Child health, Rural, Married mothers Nutrients status, Soil fertility, Arecanut, Seasons, coastal Karnataka Conservation, Integrated nutrient management, Cropping systems Productivity Ohmic heating, Lye and salt concentrations, Field strength, TSS and titrable acidity Organic tea, Global market Organically vs inorganically managed soils, yield, growth, wheat Consumption, Expenditure, Food Micro-watershed, Hydrological assessment, Budyco curve and Artificial recharge Buffaloes, Bypass Fat, Milk Production, Feeding Economics Constraints, Suggestions, MGNREGA, People Representatives, RPI Knowledge, Knowledge gap, Horticulture, Extension personnel Tomato, Boron, Uptake, Soil properties and Foliar application Black Bengal goat, melatonin, biochemical parameters Euryale ferox, Diversity, Growth Pattern, Multivariate Analysis, Monotypic, Morphology Karyotype, arm ratio, Kashmir saffron, Crocus sativus L. Medicinal plants, Improved varieties, Potential herbs ad locations, SWOT Cotton, Salt Stress Azotobacter, FYM, Glucosinolate, Oil content, B:C ratio, Bio-fertilizers, ZnSO4, leaf area Watershed, Checkdam, Geomorphology, Shape, Stream Dried distillers grains with solubles, In vitro digestibility, TMR Bael (Aegle marmelos), Genotypes, Leaf, Fruit, Shape, Taste, Thorn Rose, Water soluble fertilizers, Growing media, Bending, Protected cultivation Seed replacement rate, Groundnut, Cost of cultivation Fruit trees, Aonla, Ber, Guava, Phalsa, Subabool, EC, pH, ESP and CEC, Canopy Green gram straw, in-vitro, Cattle, Total mixed ration Banana Bract Mosaic Virus (BBrMV), ssRNA viruses, RNA isolation, Replicase gene, Grand Naine, Polysaccharides and Phenolics Rabbit, Housing, Feed Conversion, Haematobiochemical, Coccidia Emblica officinalis, metabolizability, vitamin C Vermicompost, Grain yield, Organic sources, Nutrient and Bio NP Respondents, Level, Majority Citrus, Nutritional and medicinal values, Root stock, INM Large Cardamom, Nutrient Management, Shade management, Water Management, Weed Management Water Resources, Adoption Strategies, Diversified Agriculture Agro Advisory, Economics, Impact, Rice, Weather Transesterification, Pongamia Methyl Ester, Jatropha Methyl Ester, Neem Methyl Ester Bare Root Dip, Nematode Multiplication, Brinjal Brinjal, Plant parasitic nematodes, Dates of sowing Flower opening, Sex ratio differences, Normal and Malformed cultivars Guava, High density planting, Ultra high density, Yield, Growth Marketing channels, Marketing cost, Marketing margin, Potato, and Price spread Goat, Fetus, Tooth development, Dentinogenesis, Amelogenesis Constraints, Suggestion, Production Technology, Green Gram Growers Pre-Treatments, Drying and Ginger Trainees, Non Trainees, Socio- economic, Status, Training, Participation Vegetable marketing, Vegetables Vendors Organic Manures, Fertilizers, Soil Microbial Biomass-C, N and P Growth, Yield and economics of Green gram Pomegranate fruits, Properties, Mathematical mass model, Frequency distribution, Regression coefficient Insect Pest Complex, Shoots infestation Rainfall, Runoff, DAS system, Pressures (Water and Atmospheric) and Soil erosion Sanitary & Phytosanitary, International Standards for Phytosanitary Measure, National Plant Protection Organization, Pest Free Area FYM, Vermicompost, Tomato, Yield and Economics Direct Seeded Finger Millet, Integrated Weed Approach, Herbicide Application, Mechanical Method Chickpea, Stability Soft power, Agricultural extension services Little Millet, Parboiling, Processing, Milling, Dehusking, Dehulling Reniform nematode, Biology, Pathogenicity, Cotton Garlic, FYM, NPK, PSB, Azotobacter Copper, Iron, Zinc, Molybdenum, Buffalo, Puberty, Heifers, Adult Social change, Index, Quantification of Indicators, Rural women Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), Assistant Technology Managers (ATMs), Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Land Use, Production and Productivity Determinants, Livelihood Change, Agricultural Risks, Influence Index, Irrigated Area Soft power, Behaviour, Perception, Extension service, Participation, Decision making Communication, Behaviour, soft power, extension service Awareness, Perception, Soil Fertility, Sustainable Soil Management Practices, Tribal Ecosystem Kokum (Garcinia indica), Organoleptic analysis Migratory Pattern, Migratory shepherds, Profile of migratory shepherds Neem Formulations, D. Pulverulentalis Infertility, Udder Health Tapioca, Knowledge, Production practices, Correlation analysis Endophytic Bacterial Strain, Drought Stress, Plant Growth Promotion, Antioxidant, Rice, Osmolyte Survey, Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN), G. Rostochiensis, G, Pallida, Cyst Population Ear Head Contact Method, White Grained Finger Millet Variety, Grain Yield Irrigation scheduling, summer season, groundnut crop, yield, water use efficiency and economics Pod Sowing, Groundnut, Calcium Oxychloride, Water, Vigour Index Rice, BPH, Assessment, NDLR-7 Finger millet, Weed management, Herbicide, Growth and yield Seed Plot Technique, Annual Compound Growth Rates (Acgrs), Seed Bowel Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Assistant Technology Managers (ATMs), Block Technology Managers (BTMs) Abiotic Stress, Adaptive, Cellular and Molecular Response, ROS, Trehalose Climate change, Rainfall, Krishna River basin Soybean, Vertisols for Fertilizer, Soil Fertility Lotus, Rhizomes, Dhais, Kamal gatta, Kamal kakdi, Traditional harvesting Root knot nematode, Biocontrol agents, Laboratory condition, Rootstocks, Screening Early maturing, Mid-late maturing, Sugar, Varieties, Sugarcane, Sugar recovery, Harvesting schedule Cesarean delivery, Womans Health Problems Carrot Slices, Radio Frequency (RF) drying, Tray drying, Physicochemical Changes Communication sources, Knowledge level, Utilisation of sources, MGNREGA Cereal, Fertilizer, Leaf color chart, Nitrogen Significant Sahiwal calves, Haematological, Blood biochemical significant Forecast, Time trend, Weather variables, Mustard yield, Step-wise regression Pulsed magnetic field, Orange juice, Non-thermal method, Microbial inactivation, Process parameter Compound growth rate, Coppocks instability index, Markov chain model Soybean, Vertisols for Fertilizer, Soil Fertility Spinach, Bio-fertilizers, INM and Economics Livelihood security index, Linear programming technique, Sustainable rural livelihood framework analysis Mango, Bangalora, off season flowering, Paclobutrazol, Fruiting, KNO3, KH2PO4, Ethephon Cheese Dip, Sodium caseinate, Whey protein concentrate, Oregano, Roasted cumin Bundelkhandi goats, Investment, Mahoba, Rearing System, Socio-Economic Characteristics Brnyard millet, Flow behaviour, Storage modulus, Loss modulus, Pasting profile Sugar Industry, Policies, Lobbying, Essential Commodities JEL: H4, H8 Organic farming, Adoption, Socio - economic characteristic and constraint Adusha leaf extract, physiological loss, storability, organoleptic, Refractometer Consumer Preference, Income Groups, Conjoint Analysis, Garrett Ranking Technique Germination of pelleted rice, Pelleted seeds, Pelleting multiple seeds, Physico-mechanical properties, Rice seedling Acorus Calamus, Nanoemulsion, Callosobruchus Maculatus, Ultrasonication and Emulsion Enyedi’s method, Productivity Index, Groundnut productivity over Tamil Nadu LAI meter, Chlorophyll meter and Spectroradiometer Soil Health Card, Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude Aggregatum onion, Curing method, Ambient air, Physical and chemical properties Maize, Marketing, Marketing Channel, Cost and Returns, Perambalur Cobb-Douglas production function, Data Envelopment Analysis, Resource Use Efficiency, Technical and Scale Efficiency Coconut, Encarsia, Invasive, Rugose, Whitefly On Farm Trial, Hybird F1, Drip Fertigation, Plastic Mulch, Yield Q.Ha-1 and Green Chilli Remote Sensing, Groundnut, MODIS, NDVI, Yield, Forecast Productivity, Rice-Rice, Zn, Zn Pools Stationarity, Market Integration, Co-Integration, Short-Run Disequilibrium Grain yield, Straw yield, Biomass yield, Harvest index PCPA, NAA, 2,4-D, Growth, Yield, Capsicum Soil quality, Eucalyptus, Leaf litterfall, Organic matter AICRP-VC- Amaranthus Entries (AVT-II), growth, Yield Insecticide Mixture, Fipronil + Imidacloprid, Chilli Thrips, Chilli Mites Rainfall, Temperature, Trend Analysis, Mann-Kendall Test, Sen’s Slope Estimator Indebtedness, Composite index, Rate of interest, Debt-income ratio, Debt-asset ratio Climate Change, Extreme Events, Rainfall, Tamil Nadu Doubling farmers income, Tripura, Raise and sunken bed technology Black Gram, Engineering Properties, Moisture Content, Pulses, Post-Harvest Operation Sahiwal, Genetic Traits, Non-Genetic Traits and Production Performance Groundnut, Growth Rate, Cost and Returns, Gross Income, Tiruchirapalli Finger millet, Plant geometry, Fertilizer level, Growth, Yield attributes, Yield ICT, Agriculture Pyrroloquinoline Quinone [PQQ], Groundnut [Arachis Hypogaea], Seed Germination, Growth Characteristics, Lateral Roots Compound Growth Rate, Cost of Production Farm risk sources, Coping mechanisms, Income management, Tamil Nadu Aerobic rice, Raised bed, Land configuration, Transplanting and physiological parameters lCA, Biogas plant, Family size biogas plant, Institutional biogas plant SRI, DSR, Cost of cultivation, Profitability, Constraints in rice production Cow, Caesarean Section, Dicephalic, Fetal Anomaly Electrospinning, PVA Nano-Fibre, Encapsulation, Tebuconazole Path coefficient analysis, yielding genotypes Climate change, Sugarcane growers, Insights, Threats, Adaptation strategies Pulses, Constraints, Production, Marketing, Redgram, Bengalgram, Greengram, Mahabubnagar, Telangana state Turmeric Washing, Feeding Mechanism, Water Spray Assembly Relative Spread Index, Relative Yield Index, Efficient Cropping Zone Crackles, Dyspnea, Lambs, Respiratory diseases Watermelon, FFS, Curriculum, Sessions, Yield Chalcidoidea, Horticulture, Diversity, Indices, Parasitoids, Seasons Layer Farming, Investment, Cost, Returns, Constraints Doom pig, RFLP, Cytochrome b gene Rainfall Variability, Chilli, Crop Simulation Model Growth rate, Pineapple, Productivity, Compound Growth Rate, Manipur Maize, IW/CPE, Spacing, Pan Evaporation Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank, Impact, Socio-Economic Status, Agriculture Development, Significant Blockchain, IoT, Traceability, Internet Transpiration rate, SPAD value, Chlorophyll, Pearl millet, Drought Farming system, Cost-return structure, BCR, Constraints, RPI Bracon hebetor, Corcyra cephalonica, ethogram, host instar Astrometeorology, Extreme weather events, Cyclone, Planet azimuth Sand Mining, Cropping Intensity, Farm Income, Chow Test, Decomposition Analysis Climate Change, Elevated Temperature, Moisture Stress, Organic Matter, FYM, Crop Residue, Nitrogen Release Tomatine, Termite, Nematode, Fungus Milk, Total Solids, Solid Not Fat, Indigenous breed Decontamination, Microbial quality, Non-thermal, Orange, Safety Rice, SAR, DNDC, Regional Mode, Yield Ragi, Nutrient Management Interventions, Growth Parameters, Organic Manures Climate change projection for Tamil Nadu, MIROC5, Regional Climate model Water scarcity, Irrigation Levels Disease Incidence, Pathogenicity, Epidemiology, Stalk Rot of Maize Economic Motivation, Knowledge, Integrated Pest Management, Banana Growers Rice, High Density Planting, Light Interception, Modified System of Rice Intensification, LAI, Grain Yield Planting Geometry, Intercropping, Sugarcane Water soluble fertilizer, Binary Logistic Regression Weed seedbank, Paddy, Weed management Coconut milk, Extraction, Design and development, Efficiency, Yield, Nozzle clearance, Rotational speed X2 test, Socio-economic characteristics, Milking, Random sampling Irrigated Farms, Rainfed Farms, Paddy, Resource Use Efficiency, Technical Efficiency Rice, CERES Model, Evaluation, Genetic Coefficient, Simulation Physical and chemical properties of soil, Micronutrients Summer Groundnut, Irrigation, Phosphorus Level, Yield and Yield Attributes, Economics Collective Action, Farmer Producer Organization, NABARD, SFAC, SWOC Analysis Age of seedlings, Spacing, Fertilizer, Hybrid Rice Opinion, Water Users Associations, Krishna delta Effectiveness, Extension services, Redgram, Extension agency, Pulse crops, Production Azotobacter, Seed Germination, Plant Growth Promoting Traits, Vigour Fumigant toxicity, Essential oil, Repellency, Antifeedant activity, Insect pests Indigenous technologies, Documentation, Scientific rationality and pulse cultivation Tuberose, Spacing, Varieties, Spike, Floret Naga King Chilli, Shoot Tip, Shoot Regeneration, Subculture, Rooting Aromatic Rice, SSR, Genetic Diversity, Cluster Analysis, PIC Annual income, Knowledge, Integrated pest management, Banana growers Rice, Yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas, Monthly planting, Dead heart damage, Correlation, Weather parameters Waterlogging, Salinity, Hydraulic Conductivity, Drainable Porosity, RI and Dc Integrated Weed Management, Crop Geometry, Day after Sowing Variability Analysis, Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) Interpolation, Sonipat, Haryana Animal management practices, Dairy farmers, Red kandhari, Socio economic status Blackgram, Correlation, Path analysis Growth of Broccoli, Growth Parameters, Germination Conservation tillage, Crop management practices, Green and brown manuring, Rice equivalent yield and energetics Irrigated rice field, Aquatic insects, Population, Growth stage and Pesticide residue Nicra, Paddy, Tripura, Integrated Crop Management Indigenous Technical Knowledge, Documentation, Rationalization, Varugu, Madurai District Controlled drainage, Subirrigation, Drain spacing, Hooghoudt’s and Moody equation Association, French marigold, Genotypic, Phenotypic, trait Front Line Demonstration, Banana, Pseudostem weevil, yield, B:C ratio Okra, Correlation, Path coefficient analysis, Direct and indirect effects Morpho-physiological traits, Pigeonpea, Single marker analysis, Marker assisted selection breeding Tomato, Drought tolerance, NAC, Agrobacterium-mediated transformation Pesticide Usage, Cultivation Practices, Role of gender and Willingness Dissipation, Risk Assessment, Half-Life, Thiamethoxam, Lambda Cyhalothrin Pulp, Effluent, BOD, COD, Microbial, Culture, Alternate Mushroom yield, Straw Mushroom, Semi-Composted Substrates Solubilization, Mica, Rhizospheric potassium solubilizing microorganisms, K form Feminization, Casualization, Male-migration, Agrarian distress, Policies Banana, Bio fortification, Micronutrients and Quality of banana Extension gap, Front line demonstration, Technology gap, Technology index, Toria Spatial integration, Potato prices, Potato markets, Uttarakhand Redgram, Yield, Wilt, Economics Sugarcane, Cane yield, NPK levels, Weed management, Economics Aerobic rice, Drip fertigation, Fertigation interval, Water saving, Yield Marketing Distribution Channel, Marketing efficiency Food Security, Nutrient intake Integrated farming system, Employment generation, Crop and livestock productivity, Interlinkage of components, Net income, Recycling Drip irrigation, Mulching, Okra Aspiration, Vocational Preferences, Parents’ expectations, Civil Services, Plant clinics Causal organism, Diseases, Epidemiology, Extent of damage, Large Cardamom, Management, Pests Economic analysis, Surface and subsurface drip irrigation, Lateral and emitter spacings, Benefit cost ratio Monsoon, Climate resilient variety, Flood situation Toria, On farm testing, Foliar application, Harvest index Baby corn, Biofertilizer, Organoleptic Properties, Poultry Manure, Vermicompost Pulses, Yield gap, Technical knowledge, Front Line Demonstration, Rabi FLD, Selective mechanization, Rice, Technology gap, Technology Index Correlation, Rainfall, Groundnut yield Water harvesting tank, Crop diversification, Rainwater management Ridge-furrow system, Innovative approach, Irrigation water management Turmeric, Fertigation, Drip irrigation, Variety, Vigour Termites, Foraging galleries, Xylophageous, Fungus-grower, Cocoa plantation, Pest Organic farming, Reliability, Scale, Sustainability, Validity Visual basic program, Implement matching, Cultivator design, Disc harrow design, Rotavator design Deficit Irrigation, Irrigation System, Root-Shoot Ratio, Sowing Geometry Rural women, Participation, Dairying, Vermicomposting, Value addition, Beekeeping Rural women, Nutrition, Knowledge and Assam Weed density, Weed control efficiency, Weed index, EBT/m2, Grain yield Fenugreek, Variety, Leaf spot disease, Growth and yield Mulberry, Sericulture Farmers, Silkworm Rearing Sericulture, Tree 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