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Editor-in-Chief :
Dr Antonio Brunetti
Dr Felipe T Da Silva
Dr Josef Troger
Dr Massimo Conese
Category : International Journal
Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0976-8068 (Print) E-ISSN : 0976-8076 (Online) Frequency : Quarterly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 5.79 (2012); 4.74 (2011); 4.72 (2010)       CODEN : JPR
DOI : 10.9735/0976-8068       Abbreviation : J Pathol Res
Subject : Medical Sciences     License :     Plagiarism :
Benefits For Authors Subscription

Bioinfo Publications has many advantages, including:
* Peer-Reviewed International Journals
* Bioinfo Publications implemented DOI system for published article
* Published articles having minimum subscription charges and are available with in full text PDF, which can easily download and print.
* Translate article - option give support to read all articles in different languages.
* Only top scholars are appointed as Boards of Editors.
* Details of Editorial member are given on website as: Name, Affiliation, Country, Biography and Publications
* The only real-time interactive review system in publishing
* Unbiased, quality-oriented, and transparent review processing (reviewers are disclosed on accepted articles)
* Unmatched efficiency, with an average of 1 months from submission to publication
* Reviewers focus on certifying accuracy of articles, not evaluating significance
* Significance democratically judged by the reading activity of the community through advanced analytics
* Truly impartial recognition of the best papers
* Feedback on the impact of every article
* Instantaneous online publication and an average of 7 days from acceptance until final pdf
* Indexing of articles more than 1200 International University Library, research centre's and other archiving systems
* Being part of a community, journal initiative by researchers for researchers

CrossRef DOI Linking
Two months (60 days) from the date of publication, Bioinfo Publications allots an unique Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to each articles in association with CrossRef. The period of two months is allotted to solicit any claims of copyright infringement from external agencies.
*Impact Factor Value: ICV:
* ICV : Index Copernicus Value (ICV)

Bioinfo Publications at a Glance:
* Bioinfo Publications journals are printed journal series
* The first tiered journal series working from specific to general
* Distilling scientific excellence and social relevance of research
* Bioinfo Publications journals gives novel author service
* Journals series for researchers by researchers
* We are promoting scientific discovery worldwide
* Employing state-of-the-art internet technologies

Bioinfo Publications supports:
* Equal opportunity knowledge generation and sharing
* Free dissemination of scientific research
* Scientific excellence
* Rapid, thorough and efficient reviews process
* A democratic system for judging all articles
* Awards for great and relevant research that climbs the tiers

Objectives of Bioinfo Publications:
To provide a new publishing system, which,
* drives an increase in the quality of science world-wide
* disseminates science freely
* distills academic excellence
* delivers the most outstanding and relevant science to the all researchers
* provide a new academic model for review

Evaluation and recognition for Authors, which is:
* Rapid & efficient
* Fair & constructive
* Rigorous & prestigious

To provide a new publications model of serving Authors, which;
* Serves publishing needs of researchers and scientists
* Obtains sponsors to support open research publishing

Journals specifications:
*Time for Review of manuscript- One to Four week
*Time for Publication of PDF copy and Reprints -One week