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Editor-in-Chief :
Dr Vasco Azevedo
Prof Dr Arun Kharat
Category : International Journal
Publisher : Bioinfo Publications
ISSN : 0975-5276 (Print) E-ISSN : 0975-9174 (Online) Frequency : Monthly
Index Copernicus Value (ICV) : 7.25; IF: 2.806(2016); NAAS:4.77 (2016)       CODEN : IJMR
DOI : 10.9735/0975-5276       Abbreviation : Int J Microbiol Res
Subject : Life Sciences     License :     Plagiarism :
Plagiarism Detection
Bioinfo Publications peer-review process is at the heart of the success of scientific publishing. As part of our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the peer-review process, Bioinfo Publications has an obligation to assist the scientific community in all aspects of publishing ethics, especially in cases of suspected, duplicate submission or plagiarism.

Bioinfo Publications journal editors frequently ask us how we can support them by using software to detect plagiarism. We take their concerns regarding plagiarism issues very seriously, and we would like to address this need, but it is important to point out that simple or imminent solutions do not exist. We are currently detecting plagiarism and are exploring the effectiveness by plagiarism-detection software.

Bioinfo Publications core tasks are supporting our all associate editors by supporting and fostering the peer-review process. We have an ongoing commitment to safeguard the ethics of publishing and a responsibility to strive to prevent or minimize all aspects of unethical publishing behavior.

  Articles are actively checked for plagiarism by CrossCheck.

*Infringements of professional ethical codes, such as multiple submissions to other journals, bogus claims of authorship, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data.
*Legal limitations upon the publisher, copyright holder or authors
*The identification of wrong, false or inaccurate data that, if acted upon, would pose a serious health risk.
Note: * If in future any conflict of interest | Misstep | Flaw | Fluff found in article experimental data | procedure (which invalidates the conclusion), article will be immediately retracted from publication process.